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Access to the Patreon Exclusive Research Diary, that covers my journey into researching everything from what pens were common in England in the 20s, to how publishing worked in the First World War, to which brand of cigarettes were smoked in New Zealand. I'm all about the minutiae! 

I'll aim to post several a month, depending on how much information is available and how far I had to dive to get it.

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Thank you so much!

This tier gives you access to the Research Diary as well as A CHAPTER A MONTH! It will be the first draft, and some details may change, but you get to read it as I write it!

This tier also gives you a chance to ask me questions about my process or the story itself for the monthly Q&A video. Leave those in the comments or email me directly if you like!

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 Coz sometimes you need more than caffeine!  

This tier includes all the benefits of the $5 tier, as well as hand written letters from me once a month! These can feature anything from cut parts of published chapters, ideas and hints for what's to come, interesting plot/character points, and maybe even a letter typed up on a typewriter from one of the characters themselves!




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Sick of queer stories ending in tragedy, death, or someone "realizing they're straight"? Annoyed by mentally ill characters always having screaming breakdowns that end in a hug that makes it all better? (Or worse, committing dramatic suicide to help the main character grow as a person?)

Me too. Ho boy.

As someone who is queer and mentally ill - and really over the aforementioned shit in novels and TV - I figured I might as well put on my writing goggles and get on to changing that at least a little.

I've been a writer for as long as I can remember. I cut my teeth on fandom with over three million words there, and currently have over thirty original short stories, articles, personal essays and reviews published, as well as a novel that I co-wrote with someone.

Now, I'm branching out to work on a novel of my own!

So, let's start at the beginning:


Spanning decades and continents, “Paracosm” follows Oliver 'Liv' Lowell, a young gay man born into title and privilege in England from his youth in the 1900s, through to his time in Whau Lunatic Asylum in New Zealand in 1942. Part epistolary set in WWII, part memories of 1912 Paris, and with glimpses into the imaginary mental landscape Oliver has built for himself to escape his trauma and loss in the First World War, his story is ultimately one of love, acceptance of self, and courage at a time when mental health was seen as madness, and homosexuality as a disease.


What is most important about this project for me is to accurately portray the struggle of someone with mental illness and their ultimate victory over it. Too often historical novels about LGBTQ+ people or those with mental illness end in tragedy; it’s become inadvertent fear mongering that is no longer relevant in our society. So many people who themselves are struggling with their mental health look towards fiction as a way to escape or live and heal vicariously.

I want “Paracosm” to be a novel of hope, reminding those struggling that their strength and courage is not overlooked, and that their lives are just as important and meaningful if their battles are silent and unseen.


I'd love to send the finished manuscript to traditional publishers and get the book out into the world. When I get closer to that, I'm going to add more pledge tiers that would allow you to get copies of the book when it's printed/in e-format - because I would love for you to have first access for helping me get so far!

If I'm very lucky, I'll possibly have some goodies to add to the pledge tiers already there by the time I find a publisher... maybe bookmarks, or pins, or funky things. We'll see!
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This would be incredible! It would give me a chance to pay local historians for their help in finding out more information on locations that don't have much information about them online. On top of that, it would allow me to buy academic papers and support people who have worked so hard to find the information they have, so I can use it in my novel fairly.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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