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About Ippolit Belinski

This is a dual patron page used for my personal blog and for the Zizek database. A little more is to be found on each below. Thank you for reading and supporting my work, and thank you for nice conversations we have in the comments of articles. As for Zizek fans, well.... enjoy your symptom!

First a little about the blog. I started this blog as a pastime during my PhD (which I recently finalised). During many frustrations while doing my PhD research, I decided that I need a creative way to express my frustration - a blog just seemed natural somehow. I encountered a number of paradoxes in my research, and it just seemed right to blog about not everything having a straight answer. Hence the title: paradoxoftheday.com
My view is that blogs are unnecessarily superficial, following the ridiculous trend of 'clickbait' headings, beautiful pictures that have nothing to do with the content, rather short, and not really saying much. Yes, some bloggers have forgotten that a blog should have some information.

So although my blogging adventure does not take much time, it does take some time. This time is invested along-side my family life, a part-time job, and most importantly research. What I would like to do, is to reduce my restaurant work (I enjoy it, so not quitting), and invest more time into blogging about the wonderful world of paradoxes. And there are many of them, too many perhaps. So the aim of looking for patrons is basically twofold:

1. You will keep the blog online. I will detail where the money will go to below.
2. And you will make the internet just a little bit better by investing in quality articles, that are based on research.

Now the Zizek database. The aim of this project is rather simple: to create a database with Zizek's work with a simple aim of disseminating his work, which I find both important politically, but also quite misunderstood due to the divide between the public persona and the academic philosopher that is embodied by one man. So, if you would like to know every time Zizek wrote a new article, or published a new book, or gave a new lecture, or appeared on TV, etc. - now there is a database where you can keep track of it all: zizek.uk.

I have spent quite some time tracking all that Zizek has done and that is not under copyright and placed it under one roof. In addition, I have created pages where everything that is under copyright can still be viewed. I started collaborations with Channel 4 News, BBC, and other outlets to share Zizek's work through a single YouTube Channel. And I am working together with a small group of people on transcribing videos. But he is so prolific, there is no end to it.

Now, the database is almost finished for the English language. I intend to do three more things:
1. Sourcing translations and expanding on the database on that end.
2. Transcribing video material for better understanding of the lectures.
3. Starting competitions for Zizek's books.

So what will I spend your money on? My goal is to get $1000 per month. Once that is the case I can remove all the ads across the websites, and write an in-depth article every 2 weeks. On top of that, I will be able to start more collaborations with some outlets of Zizek's (e.g. London Review of Books). Below are some of my costs:

Hosting: Yes, there are many cheap plans, but they are only useful if you don't have that many visitors. My current cost is $30 per month.
Web development: My PhD was not in computer sciences, and even though I have learnt some basics, on occasion things go wrong, and I have to hire someone external to fix the issue (and when I don't, the website goes down for a brief period, until I have set up the backup), which is a long process with my skills.
Fixes: Can you imaged a database serving incorrect content? Like tags being all messed up, or serving wrong content altogether. Fortunately, I have a handy person for this kind of things and he is willing to help out by keeping it all tidy - for a price.
Myself: I still need to eat and a place to sleep. Yes, I am a human. 

If my goal is reached, I will work on improving the service (add more functionalities (like better navigation), facebook and social media, perhaps some drawings to make the read a little bit more fun, etc.).

Thank you for your support,
-- Ippolit
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I will be able to remove the ads from the website, which should greatly improve user experience. The additional funds should help with paying for the costs of running a website.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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