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Get to know the characters of Parallel Rift: 
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This Patreon updates/adds content Every Monday! 

Hello and Welcome!
Parallel Rift is rated as a mature (18+) readers comic. Viewer discretion is advised.
This webcomic you've stumbled upon, Parallel Rift is a fantasy, LGBTQ+ story flowing with mythology, magic, and drama that goes beyond the confines of Earth and onto another world, maybe even beyond, to other realms and lands where humanity has never traversed. 

Parallel Rift is a story of the journey two brothers find themselves plunged into unexpectedly. Though not related by blood, the two have known each other for majority of their lives. When the outspoken and lively redhead named Fiacre finds himself in a bind with a demanding and stubborn man named Mikanreos, the protective and caring Leonius assists them in figuring out how to work as a team. Though they struggle to understand each other, the trio will find themselves entangled on a journey they never expected, where the stakes are high, and one mistake could cost the lives of an entire world!

You can read the sfw story  version online here:Parallel Rift on Tapas
I hope to have Parallel Rift at its own website in 2020!


My name is Hayley J. Though more commonly known as Aminirus. I'm the artist and writer behind Parallel Rift, which began its journey back in 2015 from mere scribbles and collections of ideas. The story itself was finally shown online on Tapas in August 2019 and currently is still very quite active. It is a blooming project that currently has no definite end. 

Since I started this path, I do have the hope that this comic can support me at some point so I can put more of my heart and soul into it and seek less work elsewhere. I do also dream of it being an actual book you can hold in your hands, along with other merchandise, such as stickers, cards, prints, pins, and more. In order to make this aspect of my dream come true, this is where your support comes in great demand and appreciation. 


Between languages, studies, lore, and legends, Parallel Rift is a story that is meant to hold onto the one thing I treasured from my childhood the most. To see the unseen. To see truth that has been hidden, for one reason or another. I want readers to not only enjoy this tale, but to view the world in a way you may have forgotten. It's hidden beauty and mystery, and the gift within.

By supporting this comics you are guaranteed:
✨ My immense appreciation to your generosity!
✨ Know that you are supporting an artist's work and thus supporting their livelihood
Plenty of rewards with more to come as the community of supporters grows!
✨ Opportunities to have your favorite mythologies, legends, and lore come to life in amazing ways. Along with chances for cameo opportunities and creature designs with your name listed for credit!

For just $2 usd a month, you can read ahead of the public and view sketches related to the comic, including many different kinds of illustrations. The more you can give, the greater the reward and the deeper you can dive to behind the scenes of this in depth tale, including videos, psds of flora and fauna, comic processes, and so much more!

I can't thank you enough for your support! 
Through that support, you are helping me take one step closer to my dream and closer to making this comic and all it's contents my full time focus.

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2x A Week Updates

Reaching this Milestone allows me to start posting pages 2x a week! Monday and Friday would be the days.
I will also be able to begin preparations for physical goods and open a tier that will allow those patrons to receive bimonthly gifts in the mail! This will be small things such as postcards and stickers!
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