Paranormal Punchers is creating Podcasts!

The Jersey Devil

$1 /mo
You get a huge "THANKS!" from us on the show. Plus access to the monthly Patreon only episode.

The Mothman

$4 /mo
You are amazing! Thank you! You get everything from tier 1 plus extra video content, the official PPunchers sticker and a PDF of the Paranormal Punchers comic book!

The Reptilian Overlords

$8 /mo
You Rule! You get everything from tiers 1 and 2, PLUS the official Paranormal Punchers T-shirt and a signed copy of our comic book (after 3 months).

The Sasquatch

$10 /mo
Seriously, thank you! You are as majestic as Frank the Bigfoot. You get everything from tiers 1, 2 and 3. AND you get to pick a topic for us to discuss and you can Skype in to be a part of that epi...