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Hello everyone!  My name is Serena a 32 year old female whose currently struggling thanks to a myriad of health issues. I'd love to be able to follow my passions in life though! I have a degree in business administration and love to learn and read! I enjoy being in nature and around animals too! My biggest hobby is paranormal investigation, amateur videography, and photography! I have several health issues, which make it hard for me to work. Recently I was diagnosed with a pituitary adenoma (tumor) in my brain, which cuts off the signals the pituitary gland is trying to send out to the body. The pituitary gland regulates everything in the body and is considered the master gland. This in turn, stops the female horomones from doing their purpose. I've been struggling to have a child so the doctors were trying to find out why I wasn't producing my horomones when they discovered the brain tumor. In order to conceive I would need thousands of dollars that I simply don't have. That has been heartbreaking in and of itself. I'm also diagnosed with Esophageal Reflux Disease and Fibromyalgia, each comes with it's own set of issues. I'm having several physical issues on top of the severe, chronic pain, which have made finding and working a job I can do difficult. I've gone through three surgerys just in the past four months! My brain tumor and FIbromyalgia has made me realize that life's too short! I'm hoping that I will be able to follow my passions and dreams by doing what makes me happy and fulfilled even if that means asking for help! I'd greatly appreciate any prayers and generosity extended! Thanks so much!