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About parashock

Welcome to my Patreon! I make SM64 machinima videos on YouTube!

What I Create:

I make funny films using the video game, Super Mario 64 (and sometimes Garry's Mod). These videos are often short and sweet, and are released about twice a month. My videos can be watched on YouTube.

I also have a second channel, sm64rise, where I upload all my voice-acted skits. These videos are just memes and for fun, so I prefer to keep them separate from my own videos.

Why Patreon?

I use Patreon because it has awesome features that allow me to connect better with my community. It also helps support the channel so I can continue making videos!
Also because Patreon looks cool.
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  • Get a cool Discord role in my server.
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  • Have your name in the credits of the video.
  • Get access to a special behind-the-scenes Discord channel in my server.
  • Get a cool Discord role in my server.
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