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About Parik

Hi! I am Parik. I'm a reverse engineer, programmer and a 3d-modeller. If you're here, chances are, you're already familiar with some of my work.

Most of my projects are Grand Theft Auto related, with occasional projects focused on other games. I have developed several modifications and tools for various games in the past.

Patreon Benefits:
By being a Patreon, you support me and my projects directly. Your support means a lot to me, and helps me stay motivated to work on existing projects, and come up with new projects in the future. Additionally, Patreons get these additional benefits:

  • With Tier 1, you get access to posts about what I'm working on, what plans I had in mind, and you'll have the ability to vote on private polls and provide feedback on decisions relating to future and present projects.
  • With Tier 2, you get access to a to-do list containing things I'm currently working on, and plan to work on in the future. You get the ability to prioritize one task from the list, which means I'll be focusing more to complete than task, before choosing the next one. You also get access to pre-released versions of new versions of my existing projects, or beta-builds of new projects that I'll be working on. The list of the pre-released projects can be found on the to-do list. Furthermore, your name would also be listed in the credits for any future versions of my projects.
  • With Tier 3, you get two additional tasks to prioritize from the to-do list. You also get the ability to request new mods/tools/changes that you'd like. You should understand that requests are difficult to fulfill, so be reasonable with your requests. Requests can be rejected on the grounds of feasibility, in which case you'd be able to change your request.
Note: All the benefits listed are optional, and you can opt out of any of them if you like.

Some of my recent projects:
  • DragonFF - A tool that allows editing of various model and texture formats for Grand Theft Auto and other RenderWare games.
  • Rainbomizer - Randomizers for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto: IV/EFLC
  • ScriptHookIV re-write - An open-source re-implementation for the Grand Theft Auto: IV ScriptHook for newer builds. unreleased
I also frequently contribute to other projects like the Chaos Mod for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, lsp-mode for Emacs, and plugin-sdk.

For other projects or more information about my work, check GitHub and my Workshop on GTAForums.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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