is creating The Child of Eden webcomic, Vacuulus the game, and more!

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The Great Boy tier
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  1. Instantly get 4-5 pages AHEAD in THE CHILD OF EDEN
  2. Get access to my current and future various drawing tutorials, exclusive sketches, and desktop wallpapers as they're made, all exclusive to patrons only!
  3. PSD files to various illustrations and comic pages!
  4. A special role with special benefits in my Discord server!
  5. A personalized, heartfelt thank you note from me!

Includes Discord benefits
The Fantastic Boy tier
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  1. Everything above!
  2. Special video previews, exclusive artwork, and development logs of Vacuulus! 
  3. Soundtrack downloads for existing and future works.
  4. If you're an artist, animator or musician, I will critique your work upon request. 
Includes Discord benefits
The Best Boy Tier
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Reserved for only the bestest of boys!!! (or girls, depending)

  1. Rewards of the previous tiers!
  2. Gain an even more intensely rad status on my Discord server! 
  3. Be a top supporter. You get first dibs on commission slots when they open as well as a 10% discount! (Must be connected on Discord)
  4. A shout-out with your name on all comic pages going forward!
  5. Get access to over the half-an-hour's worth of never-seen/never-to-be-released footage of previous works (The Hollow Era, and Epexsus Episodes 1-2)!
  6. My eternal love and respect.

Includes Discord benefits




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Hello all! I'm Dylan! Nice to meet ya!

I make a webcomic called The Child of Eden, and am also developing a horror game called Vacuulus. If you like my work, and/or you'd like to personally help fund the existence of these projects, all the while receiving special previews of the game or getting to see several pages ahead in The Child of Eden than the rest of the internet, then you've come to the right place! (You'd be also directly responsible for feeding me and helping keeping my bills paid while I make cool things for you to enjoy!)

I've worked in world of doing 25% freelance work, and 75% monotonous, menial day-job work to keep myself afloat. This Patreon is my way of finally making a change to do doing something that is much more fulfilling. 

I'm an artist, game developer, and musician. I'm incredibly passionate about all these things, and my stories I have to bring to the world. With your help, we can add more cool things to the world together!

If you like my art, have a gander at the pledge tiers and see what sounds right for you! Above all, thank you SO much for your time and consideration.

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Tier 2 Milestone

TCOE will start updating on both Tuesdays AND Saturdays!
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