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 ★ Suggesting your choices for monthly polls (2).
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There's no rush! If you don't send it then, I'll just complete it later as soon as I can : )
In terms of characters, consider 1 character, check the tag 'request' for sketch examples!
Additional note: I'm sorry but I'm not allowing "saving up" monthly-credit to exchange for a commission! I treat that separately! Just send me a DM!
Note2: If you can't join the tier, but still would like a sketch commission, also feel free to send me a DM! 

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Hello! My name is Max, aka Paroro (or, formerly pyromaniac) and I've been drawing as a hobby since I was a kid, but it wasn't till recently that I started taking things more seriously and I'm currently trying to live 100% from my art.
I've been doing this for a while now, through commissions and small projects, it's a lot of work and I love doing so, but it's also very risky too. I came to Patreon seeking a more solid base and support to continue doing what I love, it allows me to continue working on my own comic projects, characters and stories.
That's what many people have told me over and over, that they want to see more from my own creations, instead of just commissions,... but I lack the time (or sometimes the energy) for that since I'm constantly busy trying to fulfill my work list.
I'm really looking forward to this and I'd appreciate just every tiny bit of support I could get from you, after all, if I'm still drawing, it's because of the support and encouragement I've received over the years.

So thanks a lot for being here, even if you're just a curious passerby!
And if you pledge, THANK YOU : ), be welcome and hope you enjoy, make sure to browse my past posts!

About pledging, rewards and access to posts!
The rewards according to each month's tiers, are mostly the access to all the files I'm constantly posting! : D What I mean by this, is, instead of submitting a big batch of files at the end of each month, I just have everything available here, INCLUDING pretty much every file and post from the past months! 
This why the first charge is upfront ! At the very moment of pledging, and from there on it'll be on the first days of each month.
I don't charge extra for accessing old files, they're there for you to see them if you want!
I appreciate all kinds of support ! ♥♥♥
100% complete
Amissio Comic Revival!
My main comic project at this moment is Amissio!
I started it originally in 2013 or so, but then only continued it last year thanks to Patreon support! ♥ 
Thanks a lot for helping me reach this goal!
Currently working on Chapter 4!
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