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Thanks for your support. I see you and I feel your presence. You may not think this is much, but I eat about a dollar of salsa every day. You just bought me a snack this month. You just made the second Monday of each month really awesome! Thanks! =)
Exactly what I asked for!
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I can tell you are good at following directions. Very comprehensive reader at that. Or maybe you didn't read my blog and you just decided $2 a month was cool. You're super right! It's very helpful. I have learned a lot about the voting process while setting this up. Each little piece counts. You're a bigger help than you know. <3
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No really, $4 is how much I spend on the site. You can buy it. For $4 a month, you can basically just say you own all my stuff. You won't REALLY. But you kind of will. =) Only one person can do this. Who will unofficially own my stuff? 




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You came!? Thank you so much! You literally feed me. I have no better way to express my gratitude other than promising to do my best to make the world a better place. I love you, and I appreciate you. <3

I'M STILL BUILDING MY PATREON. I will have some exclusive features for my patrons coming soon. The majority of what I post exclusively will be Chinese (LPL) trivial content. Any ideas welcome, DM me on Twitter (@parquesomedia) for things you'd like to see. I'll likely post photo sets and short interviews with pros, I may look to add a blooper reel as well, and potentially team house visits, stadium visits, food experiences, etc.

Also, look to the right to go through the donation tiers to show a bit of what the money would do. Or you can also enter a custom amount of course by clicking "Become a Patron!"
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The necessary amount to go from frozen fish to frozen chicken! Lol, no for real, if I get to this, I'll double my efforts in the blog and find more ways to include my supporters. I've got a few ideas in the works, just need some time to work them out. Thanks again! =)
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