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About Dave

Make Discord PARTY like a beast.

Those were the words uttered by my friend some time back in mid 2017 when we were discussing how Discord was great but the Voice Channel creation and moderation left a lot to be desired.
Both of us being in our 30's we remember the good old days when TeamSpeak ruled supreme and how it's temp channel functionality kept things looking tidy.
Voice Channels were there when you needed them and gone when you didn't - simple right?

Enter PartyBeast

Firstly what is PartyBeast?
PartyBeast is a single function Discord Bot designed to create temporary voice channels.
My main goals when creating PartyBeast were simple:
  • Use as much of Discords built in configuration as possible - ie UserLimits
  • Fast - it needs to make and delete rooms in sub 1 second
  • Simple - I was aiming for setup in under 5 mins
  • Multi Room Support - I wanted it to be able to create multiple rooms of varying sizes
  • Scaleable - I wanted it to be added to loads of servers and still perform well.

PartyBeasts first iteration was hosted by myself, on my home server and only for a select few  communities and really didn't meet all the criteria.
But, with that said it was still creating over 800 voice channels and servicing over 4000 users a day.
Due to it's regular use I started to get a lot of requests from other people outside of my immediate friends list for access to the bot or copies of the source code.
I'd never planned to take the bot public but clearly a lot of other community admins had the same problem we initially had - how do you make voice channels usable and attractive?!

Public Release

So here we are, over a year and a half after that initial conversation and being given the brief of "Make Discord Party Like a Beast". 
PartyBeast is now a full function user friendly bot with the following features:
  • Setup in under 60 seconds - Honestly from clicking "Add Bot to Server" to having usable temporary channels is under 60 seconds.
  • Fast - PartyBeast creates a room and moves a user to it in under a second. Same goes for deleting empty rooms.
  • Simple - One command for setup, one command to add another Category and Voice Channel.
  • Configuration - PartyBeast inherits it's channel size from the created Voice Channel so no need for crazy arguments after commands. Just type !pbSetup, rename the created channels, set the size and you're done.
  • Multi Room Support - !pbAddCat adds a new Category and Voice Channel. Add as many as you want.
  • Scaleable - PartyBeast is currently hosted on Azure as a NodeJS application. This gives me the ability to scale this out as required and the monitoring tools and capability to know when this needs to happen.

Why Patreon?

Well whilst PartyBeast is a labor of love, love doesn't pay the hosting bill or indeed stop my girlfriend being annoyed when I fall down the coding wormhole and crawl into bed at 2am.
My hope overall is that by offering PartyBeast out to Patreon I can cover hosting costs as well as pay myself to continue development of the bot adding new features and refining the ones that are there.

The Future

This follows on from above. There is only so much functionality I myself want in this bot and it's all in there now.
With that being said, offering it to a wider audience and receiving feedback allows me to implement the best or most requested features and continue development of the bot.

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