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If you choose the $5 monthly tier, I would provide you with a new full resolution digital photograph off my Instagram. Any photo of your choice... With this you can print it and put in your house, share it, stare at it, or whatever you would like to do with it! This is when you first sign up only, and then from there you will get access to all exclusive content I share with all Patrons <3
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This tier, you will get all of my released music thus far in my career in a dropbox folder sent to you in high quality. This is my years and years of hard work, and in one folder. You also get the $5 tier sign up photo gift <3
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If you choose the exclusive tier, I would like to have a phone call and thank you personally first of all... Secondly, you will receive all the benefits of the Photo and Music Tier, along with an exclusive beat i produce once a month that will be released to this tier and above only. This will be very motivating for me to produce on-the-go and produce with a purpose! With this you will also get access to all of my music that is a work in progress to listen to all the newest stuff before it's ever being released.



About PartyWave

Chances are if you are here, you know me and know what I am all about! If you are do not know me yet, welcome, and here is my story...

My name is Corey, and I am a music producer by the name of PartyWave. On top of music, I have a passion and a knack for photography and it has been a part of my life since i was a teenager. I have been making electronic music for 7 years now, and I have been touring around playing shows all over North America almost non-stop for the past 3-4 years of my life. 3 short years ago, i moved away from my hometown of San Diego, CA where i grew up, and moved to Hawaii. Although, I was only supposed to be in Hawaii for 2 months doing a surf photography job and having some fun while escaping the winter in CA for a warmer alternative and experience something i had only dreamed of... Once i left on my flight to return to California to tour again in the Spring, by the time the island was out of my sight on the airplane, i already knew i had to go back. So i changed up my life. Took a risk (if you want to call it that), I picked up everything i had after my tour that mattered to me, and that i actually needed, left the rest behind in CA, sold my car and the rest of my stuff i couldn't take, and i moved to the island of Maui. I was hooked on this lifestyle. The feeling of freedom and fresh air, the endless photography to be had, the warm blue ocean, whales, sharks, you name it! I fell in love with this place. SO i made it work. It made traveling for music a little more expensive, and a little more work, but it was so worth it!

Fast forward 3 years and here I am. Traveling month in, month out to the states to play gigs, then come home to Hawaii and try to enjoy myself and have some time off and slow down, but also get work done so i can go back out and travel and play more gigs. Last year i finally acquired back an adequate setup for photography. My once complete setup I had before was stolen out of my car, and now that i have a new camera setup i have been taking my gear on tour with me. Between shows i map out with friends where we can go adventure and explore. I want to photograph so many places i have not been. the thing i love about photography is it pushes me to the next level to get to places i wouldn't have gone otherwise. For example, getting up at 330am to catch this sunrise to be there at the perfect time to catch the good light, or drive extra hours to get to a certain place, or hike up higher and farther to get the shot, etc. It pushes me as a person. To push the limits in general. 

So it sounds like I've got it all figured out right? What do I need a Patreon for? 

I have it all figured out except for the funding. There are times when I have the extra funding to do these things but its very tight on a regular basis. With your help and support as a community, the money would go to travel funding to go to new places to photograph and share my art with you. I would like to setup a way to share this art with you exclusively. Anything helps to continue pushing for what i really want! I want to put my time and energy into my art. Whether it's music, photography, or videography, these are the things that make me happy, inspired, and keep me making the music i enjoy making and sharing around the world. I am working hard to avoid being sucked into the system of a "regular" job as this would take away from my creative time working towards these goals. I work hard everyday on my art and I stand by my vision! Join me and lets create content together and share the inspiration this world needs! 

PS: Different tiers will get access to different exclusive art forms!
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When I reach 100 patrons, i want to start my own travel blog inlcuding photography, exclusively for the group to follow along and be a part of the journey you are supporting!
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