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21 March 2014.  Ok so let's test this thing!
Thanks to and YOU, I will be able to finally work on a new project.
According to I am one of the 10 concept artists that should make a  movie based on his works. ( no kidding see the link) 
Well.. I may not make a movie but I could sure certainly start with
an artbook showcasing more of that  vision, and lets see where it goes from there!
It means I am on for a full new set of illustrations, concepts and researches that I will share early with my fans only.
For that new project, I want the theme to be about Space, Sci-Fi with a darker tone, full of mysteries, strange artefacts and creatures on distant planets...
Think Alien, Outland, Prometheus... want to join in?

Why would I need your support?
Because it will keep me going after work
Because with you guys over my shoulder, the ride will be sure more fun!
Yes sure, I could sure use some extra money to get a Cintiq,
more horsepower for my old PC..
It would certainly help me improving my work ( believe it or not I still use a mouse )

How does it work?
By becoming my Patron you fix price  for each new illustration I create.
Don't worry you can always setup a  price max limit by month.
(and I may do something like one to two illustrations a month)
In thanks for your support, I will grant you with rewards.
high-res digital versions
Photoshop files
Zbrush files...and more.
when we reach 3000$ I feel like we will need to celebrate this with... a signed book! ( linked to a final stretch goal , limited Satellite early bird version for now )
then, if things go well, who knows... 3D PRINTS? we'll see how it goes...

But most importantly, by becoming my Official Supporter, you will have a more closer look of my work, creative process..
I'll share with you 3D tips, 2D tricks , vray shaders, zbrush , colors and more! We will talk  inspiration too ( a lot ) so if you think about it.. that's quite a good deal for all of us!

Become one of my few direct supporters now:
Rewards are listed below!

$192 of $500 per illustration
Once this Goal is passed, I'll send ALL paying patrons a link to 3 HD illutrations ( we'll see witch one we pick )
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 22 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 22 exclusive posts

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