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About Passer Vulpes Productions


We're Erin and Lee, and together we're Passer Vulpes Productions, audio fiction producers in Melbourne, Australia.

Lee Davis-Thalbourne, with his cat Tribble perched on his shoulders,
and Erin Kyan, with his cat Boop in his arms.

We make podcasts! 

Our Shows

The Love and Luck Logo

You might be familiar with Love and Luck, our cute queer love story with a touch of magic.  Set here in Melbourne and made by an all-queer team, Love and Luck is made for people who like healthy relationships and happy endings.  With over 500,000 downloads, Love and Luck was our first show, and still remains special to us for that.

The Supernatural Sexuality with Dr Seabrooke Logo

Supernatural Sexuality with Dr Seabrooke is a fictional sex and romance advice radio show set in a world where monsters are real. Monsters and humans alike call in to noted folklorist, sexologist and relationship therapist Dr Olivia Seabrooke for help in finding ways forward on the issues that spring up in relationships where people’s needs, cultures and bodies are radically different. SSDS is an ongoing show, with 12 episodes per season.

The Nym's Nebulous Notions Logo

Nym's Nebulous Notions is a science fiction podcast in which we follow our intrepid conspiracy investigator Nym as she seeks The Truth about a mysterious signal that she's intercepted.  NNN will take you to a mysterious ship abandoned in the dead of space, and then ask you what exactly you expected to find there.  NNN is 12 episodes long and all fully released!

The Floodlight Viscera Logo

Floodlight Viscera
is a monthly poetry mini zine written and read by Erin Kyan. Written with little to no filter, minimally edited and minimally rehearsed, it is fresh and raw to encourage a more... well, visceral connection to the audience.  FLV releases on the 21st of every month.

Industry Support

We also do a lot of unpaid work for the audio fiction and greater podcast industry at large.

We founded the Australian Fiction Podcast Makers community group - a group with both a facebook group and a Discord server, for Australians involved (or interested in being involved) in making fiction podcasts here in Australia.

We publicly publish our download statistics and profit/loss statements on our studio blog, so that other podcasters around the world have something to compare their own products too.  Most companies keep this information private, so it can be hard when you're starting out to know how you're doing - it certainly was for us!

We can also regularly be found signal boosting other shows and makers, and offering advice, insights and answering questions over on twitter - Lee is @passerkirbius and Erin is @Erinkyan.

Money, Money Money

Our shows are free!  You can listen to them whenever you want and however you want.  You can find them on your favourite podcast app, on Spotify, and with captions on YouTube (accessibility is important to us!).  

However, our shows are not free to make.  It costs quite a lot of money to make a high quality audio drama podcast.  We have the usual hosting fees of course, but we also have recording costs, hardware costs, marketing costs... and the most important thing, our talent.

See, we do our best to pay the people involved in our projects.  Our actors, writers, sound engineers, artists, consultants... everyone.  Work is work, and art is often undervalued, and queer artists are even more likely to have their work undervalued. .

We don't get grants and we don't have sponsors.  Our funds either come out of our own pockets, or from listeners like you!

Your monthly pledge to us will be directly supporting queer art by queer people, and helping us bring more audio fiction to Australian podcasting.  You won't just be helping us pay our teams and produce the shows, but you're also sending a message that kind, queer art is important both in Australia, and all over the world.

Rewards, Rewards, Rewards!

So what do you get if you back us on Patreon?

You get exclusive behind the scenes sneak peeks at the production process for all our shows.  That's right, all of them!  We'll keep you in the loop on what's happening for all of our productions.

You'll get access to our monthly livestream!  We'll chat with you about what we're up to and answer your questions - and hopefully have some of the rest of our team along as guests sometimes too!

You'll get access to special Patreon-only channels on  our Discord server!  There you'll be able to hang out with other fans of our shows, but more importantly, you'll be able to chat directly with us and our teams!

You may have noticed that we don't have any reward tiers above $1. 
There's a reason for that. 

We know that the majority of our audience are marginalized people at a greater risk of financial insecurity.  We don't want you to miss out on anything just because you can't spare as much as other people may be able.  So all of our patreon rewards are available to every patron

But of course, if you can spare more than $1 a month and you think we're worth it, we'd be delighted if you pledged more!

Goals, Goals, Goals!

We've now been making podcasts long enough that we have a pretty good idea of how much it costs to make them.  All of our goals are based on a budget of approximately $5500 per season, with that season produced over 18 months.  That number varies depending on a lot of factors, but it has worked out to be around that figure for all our shows so far.  That figure is assuming that we are paying our expenses and our teams, not including us as producers.  At this point in time, we don't keep any Patreon money for ourselves, it always entirely goes back into our work.

$300 per month covers one podcast.

$600 per month covers two podcasts.

$800 per month comfortably covers all our extra non-production costs (such as marketing) as well as the podcasts.

$1200 per month lets us hire a part time employee for two hours a week!!

$218.34 of $300 per month
$300 per month covers the costs of making one podcast season over the space of 18 months.
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