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About PassionRP

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Welcome to Passion RP
As you’re all aware, Passion RP has gone through some major changes in the last couple of weeks. Our initial release did not go to plan as the server was unequipped and not fully functional. This was rushed and we would like to sincerely apologize for that. However, moving forward we are going to strive to achieve the best for our community. In future we will not disappoint and do our utmost to make sure that we give the community the best experience that we can possibly provide.

During this time, you may have seen familiar faces join the Passion RP staff team. This new addition to the team has excelled with the server progress and we are excited to share that with you.

I would like to introduce you to the official Passion RP team.
- 5co
- PorkyThePig
- Potter
- Newton
Lead Developer:
- 5co
- Newton
Staff Lead:
- Sami
Sr. Moderators:
- 11k
- Hi Mother
- Sassy
- Skeng
- Shen
We really hope that you enjoy your experience at Passion RP. If you have any feedback, you are more than welcome to post it on the forums. Our staff team are very dedicated and will be actively responding to any feedback given.

Here are some of the features we have planned for release:

Custom vehicles
Detailed car dealer, with options for test drive, financing and more.
Motel system for people to store items or clothing.
Multiple properties with unique interiors, with built in inventories, clothing, and more
Working vehicle trailers to allow small and large transports.
Enhanced PD framework - blood DNA tests, bullet-casing analysis & GSR testing. Designed to add realism and immersion to PD.
Advanced medical system for EMS. Makes it much easier and more immersive to diagnose and treat the injuries of patients. Reduces the use of /me's.
Enhanced civilian jobs.
Completely revamped drug system - Grow your own plants, Mobile Meth Trucks & Street selling.
White listed gangs - Gangs with a proper hierarchy and in game jobs. Storage locker, Preset clothes, & customizeable salary which is taken from the gang fund.
Balanced economy and realistic weapon availability - heavy/ illegal weapons will be worth their money and not widely available.

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