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Welcome and thanks for checking out my Patreon Page!

     This is Passion Grove and I'm Rowan! I created Passion Grove to make Adult Games! I've always loved playing adult games, all games really, and I'm very passionate about it. After attending and working at a university for almost a decade, I want to do something I'm really passionate about and that's creating high-quality games for people to enjoy! It's not an exaggeration to say I've played hundreds of visual novel style games. I even learned how to code in python, years ago, so I code mod the endings for a visual novel. Why the name Passion Grove? Because, as I've said, games are my passion, and a grove is a small forest, which is what I would like our community to become! Hence Passion Grove! I hope that one day I can grow from a one-man endeavor to a nice-sized game studio with a strong team of passionate people creating amazing, high-quality games for you all to enjoy!

I'm currently working on THE MAGISTER'S TALE, an ADULT VISUAL NOVEL where you can make in-game choices that influence your experience!

DISCLAIMER: This game is a work of fiction, not related to the real world at all. All characters in the game are of at least 18 years of age.  
I have a Twitter if you want to follow it I post game pics and updates there, and I also have a Discord if you want to join and hang out and chat with people who like the game or with me! Click on the names above to take you there!

This story is about medieval life: filled with power struggles, backstabbing, diplomacy,  mystery, fighting, sex, everything! You play as the main character, who you name. He is the bastard son of the hand of the king. His father sent him away when he was young, and after the death of his father, our hero returns home, to the capital city of Ashbury, to help his family and prove himself in this world. How he survives in this world, and how he interacts with the people around him are up to you.
  • Anal
  • Feet
  • Harem
  • MILF
  • Voyeur
  • And More!
  • Ella
  • Farah
  • Lily
  • Rhea
There will be a couple more main heroines, and many other side/support characters as well!


Why Pledge
      First, if you didn't know, Patreon is a website that allows creators and patrons to interact with each other. You can become the patron of creators you like and who you want to support and in return you get rewards! Choosing to support a game by pledging to the creator means you're directly helping to fund the development of the game! Developing a game has a lot of costs in buying high-quality assets for the game, upgrading equipment to produce content, and making sure I have enough time to keep developing the game, and eventually hiring other people to help work on the games you like! I certainly don't mind spending the money, because I love doing this.
     Every bit helps even just 1 dollar helps out immensely! I've created some goals and rewards, that helps me stay accountable to my patrons. If we can accomplish those goals then I'll be able to do this full time! I'll also post updates about the game to make sure you know what's going on. If you pledge to me, I want to make sure that I'm as open as I can be on how I use your pledge. If you don't want people to know you support adult games, you can always hide your pledge and keep it a secret!
    And if you can't pledge that's okay, don't worry! You can also help by sharing my page or social media so other people can enjoy the game too! All chapters are going to be free eventually, but patrons get to enjoy them first.

Now for the good stuff! REWARDS! The tiers range from seedling to mature tree, the higher the tier, the more rewards!
Access to the Patron Only Feed where you receive updates about game development. Access to Patron discord role. My gratitude and thanks, Thank you!!!

All the previous reward tiers. Access to the Current Version of the game. Access to Non-Nude game previews.

All the previous reward tiers. Access to Nude game previews. Access to a full Walkthrough for the game. Access to loyal discord role.

All the previous reward tiers. Access to Monthly Special 4k Ultra HD render of voted character.

All the previous reward tiers. Access to in-game Extra scenes and content.
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My First Patron!

If we achieve this goal that means I got my very first patron! This will motivate me to work on the game even harder!!!
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