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About patak

Hey! I'm Matias Capeletto, a Vite core team member, a Vue team member. I collaborate in Vue ecosystem projects like VueUse (see three part series about ignorableWatch and useRefHistory), Vitepress and others.

My current focus is on helping maintain Vite, as its ecosystem and community are exploding. You'll see me in Vite's PRs working with other collaborators to help them land their fixes and improvements, working out issues, and building up the Vite team with other maintainers. I'm also maintaining Vite Rollup Plugins, a compatibility list for Rollup plugins.

Apart from coding, I'm interested in helping Open Source communities grow into healthy spaces for collaboration. You'll see me around in Vite Land helping others and fostering connections between the devs that are propelling the ecosystem forward, making plugins, integrations, and frameworks.

I'm also writing deep dives into Vite and its ecosystem. Check out vite build, A walkthrough of the Vite codebase to understand how Vite bundles and optimize your code for production. I would love to have more time to spend on more learning material for the community.

Your support would help me to spend more time working on Vite, and make my involvement with the project sustainable. Thanks a lot!

Connect with me on Twitter @patak_js or in Discord @patak.

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