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per month's mission is to enable high quality Carnatic music publication and learning and to empower teachers to increase their reach. So it is free to sign up for basic usage. As a first tier patron, we'll support you in your music learning through articles posted on that address your requested needs or through email, whichever is more effective/efficient. Your needs will be prioritized over all users (please indicate your patron status in your email subject as "tier1"). 

You'll also get higher quota for limited features such as documents with audio and practice sets. The quota will be increased to be generally sufficient for committed music learning.
  • Prioritized supportive material (ex: tutorials) on the blog
  • Increased quota for audio

Music researchers and publications

per month
One of Patantara's goals is to enable "create once, view in any form" for Carnatic music notation.

If you're a music researcher or academic using for music documentation and publication, you may have special needs for your project. For "tier2" patrons (please indicate in email subject), we will incorporate and prioritize your publication needs into Patantara's road map. Note that this does not come with guarantees of timeline, though we generally try our best to bring out oft requested features as quickly as we can.

Tier2 members also receive additional quota for audio attachments to their documents on Patantara and for practice sets.
  • Prioritized supportive material (ex: tutorials) on the blog
  • Specialist feature support
  • Increased quota for audio

VIP Patron

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As a "VIP Patron", you are supporting Patantara's mission and vision. So we will acknowledge your support publicly on our website at and  (subject to change). We will show the following info, or a subset of it as per your preference -

1. A short name to use as part of your URL
2. Your name, and title
3. A 256 px by 256 px photograph (optional)
4. A short writeup you wish to share - up to 280 characters. Think of this as a "tweet". It could be about you or why you support Patantara, for example.

We will also include your name on our site page as a VIP patron.

Additionally, you can designate up to 8 other users by their email addresses to receive quota increases (in addition to your account) to support their music practice. These users will not be mentioned on the website.
  • Prioritized supportive material (ex: tutorials) on the blog
  • Specialist feature support
  • Recognized patron
  • Increased quota for audio



About Patantara is an online platform for publishing high quality Carnatic music notation and provides tools that enable students to practice using the notation and associated audio recordings.

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