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Hello! My name is Pat, and I do a lot of different things on the internet. That includes:
  • patbytes, my YouTube channel meant to show off what cool or weird or useful video-game-related things I find and feel like talking about. Bits of archival and entertainment all there, a fun project I look forward to playing with more.
  •, a multi-level music archival platform for the cool roman bust music of the 2010s and a majority of its branches and spinoffs.
  • Gamedev work going back to 2014 that includes
    • Uneven Dream: A massively-collaborative Yume Nikki Fangame project I co-admin where a large variety of users submit maps and other materials stitched together into a single surreal experience.
    • At least one other Yume Nikki type project, along with a bunch of old experiments I should mess with more someday.
  • Music work since 2015 that includes
    • A lot of aliases. Like. Too many, hahaha. My main project is Clean Slate, a jungle-plunderphonic-ambient-??? hybrid that is my absolute pride and joy.
    • Administration and creation of multiple label-like projects, including experimental shared-password projects ANDTIME (2017), FUNCTIONAL (2017 - 2018) and 7FORM (2019 - ?), and vaporwave label Net Century (2017 - 2020). I may also have a new project coming soon, keep your ear to the rail for that one! ;D
  • Some bits of help with game archival site/museum, including getting the Super Mario 64 DS and Mario Kart DS sections to a virtually-complete state! (Got a GitHub here too!)
  • (Kind of a for-fun project, but I also do a lot of editing work on Discogs and Rate Your Music.)

Any and all donations are greatly appreciated, and help my content and projects stay quality and keep getting... qualitier? I already need help writing this part of the page, ahaha. Server upkeep for my projects (, specifically) is a great investment place for me, along with higher-quality computer parts and better means of editing are all things on the table and would benefit my craft greatly for sure.

Thank you so much for checking this page out and for reading this far down. Your time and interest alone means a lot, and I very much look forward to working more in the future.

Thanks, and have fun,

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