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Bishoujo | Supernatural | Slice of Life | Comedy Romance | Mystery
A Visual Novel in Developement
By the Patchwork Novels group

Well, simply put, Keepsake is a traditional visual novel in the bishoujo game genre. If you already know what a visual novel is, then just skip this passage. If you have no idea what a Visual Novel is, don't worry, a lot of people are still in the dark about it, and even within the anime community, I find myself having to explain it to people. Most people in the anime community can name various forms anime appears in. Manga in a comic format, Light novels in a serialized novel format, video games, and of course, animation. Visual novels however, are linked to the infamous "Dating Sims". And indeed, both visual novels and dating sims are almost synonomous with hentai games when most people hear them. But not all visual novels go down that road. Many great, heart warming and heart wrenching animes have actually stemmed from the visual novel genre. Clannad, Fate Stay Night, and even the recently airing this season anime, Rewrite. (That by the way has always been my favorite VN.)

Visual Novels actually came from the point and click adventure a long time ago, however they offer minimalist gameplay, and focus much more strongly on a written narrative. The narrative is accompanied with a synergy of visual artwork, immersive ambient music, sound, and in a lot of cases, voice acting. The player is given several options to make critical decisions in the story which will affect the narrative in a variety of ways. Which girl will the protagonist end up with? Does the hero decide to pick up a sword, or to into the gladiatorial pit with the shield? If this sounds very similar to a "Choose your own adventure" novel, you're right. And now adays, the explination brings up images of games like Life is Strange, and The Walking Dead. Right again. (Like I said, VNs developed from point and click adventure games, and modernized adventure games tend to be more narrative driven now, just like their VN counterparts.)

However, if all of this ended up going straight over your head, I think the best way to show what a visual novel is is just to see one in action.

"Akiyama is the sort of town which doesn't let its stories die."

It's a town which has seen quite a bit of expansion in recent years. But the growing town still retains much of its small village charm. Its a town which remembers its stories and legends, with colorful histories and paranormal mysteries around just about every inch of the valley. Kai Tatsuya, a delinquent who's been immortalized as the poster child for delinquency in his school, knows all too well just how deeply held these ties go. He after all has been stuck with the name "The Beast of Akiyama" since his days in middle school. And just as it looked like he could finally put those days behind him, all it took was a faulty vending machine, a loss of temper, and a camera shot to slam his death glare into the school news paper, and back into the minds of his classmates.

But that became water under the bridge when he started things started to to get weird in his life. It seems that recently, Kai has developed a strange sleepwalking episodes, and has found himself waking up in strange places, and bizarre situations. As if that wasn't weird enough, lately he's been catching glimpses out of the corner of his eye just as he rouses from his sleepwalking misadventures in time to save himself from a near fatal experience. Elsewhere, a girl has found herself completely and inexplicably without a shadow after cleaning the heirlooms of her aunt's attic. Which is a problem considering she was already the type to jump at it to begin with. Now, with no shadow, she finds herself under a curse, where in her consciousness is tied to her spirit rather than her physical body, thus making it hard to keep her soul inside herself.

But the Kami of a long forgotten shrine has been noticing events like this occur in town for a while now. And they aren't isolated to just mortals. The northern village, long abandoned by humans due to a landslide, has always been populated with plenty of yokai beings. And something has been filling the valley with an abundance of a strange energy. One that he feels might be coming from one of four cursed gifts he entrusted with four prominent human families a long time ago. However, sworn to only operate indirectly with the mortals of the valley, and haven lost the purity of his shrine to vandalism, he has little power on his own to find out the fate of those lost heirlooms. What has conveniently fallen into his lap are the two humans, plagued with problems beyond their comprehension. A boy who should be given his fair share of community service, and a cowardly girl who just so happens to be able to interact with humans and spirits, AND has one keepsake heirloom already in her possession.

The themes at play in the story delves into a lot of themes from Shinto philosophy. Growth, adolescence, respect, eastern environmentalism, spirituality, balance, love, life, and death. While most of it plays like a light hearted, over the top supernatural slice of life romantic comedy, this feel good tone may find contrast in various episodic arcs where more fantastical revelations await discovery. As the characters dig up family secrets, work out metaphysical blood feuds, and deal with the manifestation of urban legends and town spirits, they may be occasionally thrown into real danger. And a lot more has been written about the setting than I ever expect will make into the final product.

Hello there, my real name is Andric. I just float around a lot on various websites and forums as Chocopyro. I'm the project lead for Keepsake: Orison of the Falling Leaves. It's a project I've been working on for some time, and now I'm in an awkward transition in my life where I have the free time for the first time in a while, a pool of savings that was supposed to get me to Japan and buy me a new computer until recently, and no income... Yeah. Don't worry, I was planning to be here eventually. So I'm not detoured. I'm taking the step forward, just as planned. I'm finally at that stage right now where I can build a team, start tackling the demo, and hopefully generate community support.

Well, my reason for being here is this. I'm still a long way off from being able to put Keepsake into full production. I can focus on one area at a time, be it art, writing, music, or programming, but in order to make an experience like what I have planned here, its going to need to come together with the right synthesis and momentum. 

The core development team so far consists of:
Chocopyro: Project lead, original concept, characters, backstory, lore, sometimes a writer, sometimes a coder, sometimes a photoshop asset editor. Basically did most everything to this point but the art. Thats KahoOkashii. Find him blow. 
Lindsie: Music composition
Bonsey0: Programming. He's currently working on code as I type this for some general features.
Currently interviewing a few interested VN writers. May see some here soon.

Keepsake's Ongoing artist commissions and where to support them:

KahoOkashii (Sprites | Character design)
Daphinteresting (Character Designs (Male characters)

Other commissioned artists who have aided Keepsake's development:

Pocolla (Original Sayuki Sprite Designs)
Kazenokaze (Original Character Designs)
ShojiAmasawa (Logo Design)
Badriel (UI Design | UI coding | BG art)

If you had any questions about how money has been allocated in this project so far, just look above you. Most of what I make is intended to go back to them via my paypal. As for what I'm living off of, thats kept separated unless I can generate enough cover my month rent in full + enough to pay for them.

Being where I am now puts me in a unique opportunity to produce some creative rewards based on the assets we currently have. I can write a bit, I could code a bit, and I have the commercial rights to most of what I commissioned. (That which I don't was meant to help in the early stages of the demo, and never intended for the game's final release.) A lot of it doesn't even require me to give credit, but I'd rather not be that guy. Anyways, my point being, its actually fairly easy to produce rewards that really give a whole lot more back, if I'm not dependent on assets I can't do myself. Just look at our top tier rewards for a teaser. ^__^

But as for the downside, I currently don't have a lot of the assets I need to provide all the content. A few new BGs, and I could provide a hell of a lot more, but that's going to take some time, and accumulation of pledges first. Just to be clear which rewards are available with what I have at my disposal right now, here's a key.

Green: This reward can be released weekly-monthy regularly thanks to available resources.
Orange: This reward will be released monthly-bimounthly, due to available resources. Expect long cool downs.
Red(ish): This reward requires more goals to me met and assets to be collected before it can be seen.

And as you could see, I'm currently reworking the prices a bit for some of the features, and have a few new ones to explain. These below are going to remain while I try to find something out of the garbage to feed myself, so brb.

-Obtain access to Character Reveals:
Get a glimpse of unannounced characters ahead of time.

-The Yoshimura High School Gazette:
What's word in development? What's on the creator's mind? Are there any new screenshots of gameplay in the actual engine that are ready to be seen by the public? Anybody could get their hands on this, but only Students of Yoshimura High can subscribe and get it first! Get the edge on the social media sites, and in on the latest, juiciest tidbits! Participate in polls, and minor crowd forging events that may shape the final product of the game! 

-Hana's Tabloids:
Exercise your student privileges, and cast your vote for your favorite character. Hana Takeda will write an embarrassing article about some of the things they thought were secret from the world! Obtain tidbits, and backstory events for characters that has played a role in shaping who they are. The same character can be elected more than once, but never twice in a row. A follow up interview where fans can ask the character extra questions will be available to pledgers who have the Akiyama Urban Explorer's pass.

-Akiyama Tourist Brochures:
Get to see the first glimpse of background art, as well as a brief history and a little local hearsay on the location. May also include details about any legends and characters associated with them. 

-Name in the Credits:
Yup. Self exclamatory. 

-Obtain access to Character interviews:
Once you've had a look at Hana's article, you may want to ask the character of the month a few questions about their personal life. Here, they will give their answers, providing a unique insight on their world views, personal relations, and opinions on a variety of topics. Ask them about anything you'd like, from their favorite foots, their hobbies, and maybe even that topic in the article.

-[redacted]'s Paranormal blog:
Want a deeper look on the mysteries in town? [redacted] keeps a well organized database on the cryptids, supernatural beings, and urban legends in town that will put Hana's gossip mongering to shame! Only a true urban explorer can get to the places [redacted] can. Join him, and separate fact from fiction! Get the real story, and learn the stuff that they don't want you to know, when you read those town brochures. (And if you want to find out who [redacted] is, you will need a basic student pass. [redacted]'s concept character sheet is ready to be seen!)

-Obtain access to Keepsake, Rejected! A spoof webcomic
A series of short spoof comics made with in game assets. Many of which based loosely on cut content.

-Kirie's confiscated audio devices: (Music development samples)
She doesn't enjoy having to do this part of the job, but gosh darn it, the job of a disciplinary committee enforcer entails more than just using her kenpo skills to flatten the rare violent threats to student safety that appear on her watch. Most of the cases she gets are those caught listening to music on their streaming devices, mp3s, and cd players. Because in a town like Akiyama, thats still a thing to some people. Still, with a certain connection to a certain cousin of hers obtained through a certain mutual exploration society, you can get your hands on these! Hear soundtracks as they go through their evolutionary experimentations! 

Hoshiko's Treasure Dump: Rare Bonus Artwork | Dev Trivia | Unused assets

Some may call it junk. But to her, its treasure left in the earth for her to find. Hoshiko has a habit of digging up precious hidden gems. Witness rare artwork, not intended for the game. Line art sketches, assets in development, full resolution images, behind the scenes dev trivia, and even fan art of the highest quality.

Hana-chan's steamy snapshots: Bonus artwork of a PG 15 nature.

Every so often, Hanako catches something on her camera that raises questions, eye brows, trust issues, and blood to the cheeks. Don't expect anything pornographic. But as the game takes place in the autumn, you may miss the chance to see those pictures from the summer beach, or late spring gym classes unless you check here. Or potentially the sexy dakimura pictures Hana took of sleepy Sylvia. Or the embarassing picture of Kirie working at the cosplay cafe. You get the picture. Fanart that leans in the echi direction also may end up here.

Sylvia's Blind Dates: Interactive character reveals!

Can you find your soul mate on a blind date? Sylvia knows the connections of fate better than any mortal alive. She's a psychopomp after all! And she could be the one to guide you to your soulmate, or twin flame. Or she could just be trying to amuse herself. She does that. ^^;

Be the first to meet with new characters in a virtual blind date with them before that character is introduced to the community. You will be able to choose your gender, and you can always run out if you find yourself set up with someone outside of your preference! This is your chance to date characters who have no official route, from the male characters (for those females who expressed that they wished this was an otome game based on their designs and interesting personalities), to Shin's Sister, Kazumi, a pesky kitsune trickster who will be a constant antagonistic thorn in the side of Kai and his friends.

Sayu-chan's Daydreams: Stand alone, playable adventures!

Sayuki has a vivid imagination, and if you could ever get her comfortable enough to talk about it, she can immerse you in beautiful stories of what could have been, and beyond! Take a journey with the characters of Keepsake in a series of oneshot adventures that are not a part of the actual canon. From small extra feel good tales that will tug on those heart strings, to vivid nightmares, with darker themes and outcomes than you would expect from your usual cheery cast. Although most of these will come from my own head, I might make an exception and adapt well written fanfictions, should any be submitted, and the use of assets be ready or feasibly acquired. For any who aren't clear: These will be episodic kinetic novels, and mini visual novels. As in, playable.
$0 of $150 per month
Our monthly art budget for sprites! (One sprite costs more than this, but who cares, its a chunk I don't need to worry about paying out of pocket.)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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