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About Pat Contri

Thank you for taking the time to check out my PATreon page (get it?!), whether you decide to pledge to me or not. And thank you for your continued support in watching and sharing my work!

By becoming my patron, you can have a direct impact on not just the quality of my videos but also which future videos I produce! Your support here helps keep me going, and also makes it easier for me to connect better with you!

Who is Pat?
Hi everyone! I'm Pat Contri. I'm best known for my Pat the NES Punk comedic retro game series on YouTube, which I have been producing since 2008. I also produce a series called Flea Market Madness and am co-host of the Completely Unnecessary Podcast - one of the highest rated gaming podcasts on iTunes. There are also other various videos and series I produce as well, including being the co-producer and co-director of The Video Game Years - a fun and historical look at gaming history. I also run the NES Charity Marathon, where my friend Ian and I play NES games to raise money for children's hospitals. If you have contributed to that in the past, I appreciate it! 

What's up with the hair?
I dunno, it's genetics!

Why Patreon?
Since I've decided that being a content producer would be a full time profession, I've wanted to figure out a way to interact more with those fans who want to support me the most - you! Patreon supplies a platform to do so, with the ability to receive/respond to feedback directly in a better way than what YouTube provides. The other fact of life is that between ad revenue being inconsistent from video to video, false copyright claims, and more people blocking ads, it's a little difficult to predict month-to-month exactly what income will be from producing and releasing videos. I also work and have worked on projects that I receive little to no compensation for, like writing projects, The Video Game Years, and keeping my website going. With your help, it makes it much easier to produce my current content without having to revert to cheap or dodgy videos that only exist for click-bait, or taking on too many sponsored videos for games/products that I'd rather not. I am offering some rewards in return for your support (early video viewing, Patreon-only rewards, etc.), so please look and see if there's anything that catches your eye!

Thanks again for taking the time to check out this page. :)
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I have a lot of handhelds laying around... a LOT. What if I put out a series looking at and reviewing some of the old handhelds like Tiger LCD games, Mattel's LED games, Coleco's Tabletops, Nintendo Game & Watches, etc.?! It could be Happy Handheld fun for all! If Ian won't do it, perhaps I will! :) Since these won't be too difficult to produce, I foresee this being at least a monthly series. These episodes would appear to Patreon supporters first, and then appear later everywhere else!
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