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My name is Roman and I am a passionate gamer and developer. I love the game Path of Exile. For several leagues now I am having a lot of fun and after all this time I haven't even tried everything.

I always felt that there should be an easier way for new people to find builds and build guides. I myself always struggle with build guides because some information is not there or hidden (Since Legacy I am good enough to make own builds, which are able to progress very far, so I get that going for me).

With path of exile builds I want to make searching builds easier. It is possible to search by any keyword. Also, it is very important for me that the site is fast and works on all devices. I am getting the builds not only from the forums, but also from youtube. I will also explore more sources. The goal is to index as many complete build guides as possible.

In future I also plan to expand the website with additional features, like a quiz game, a list of useful path of exile resources, probably a community and a unified build template. The build template means: for every build on the website there will be a detail page, where information is structured.

For the current features and plans check (the about page will always show the newest information):
Path of Exile Builds About

Update Quiz Game:

The quiz game is ready. I try to create new questions from time to time. My want to create a really huge quiz game.

In addition to the game I am collecting some stats on the questions, for example how often a question shows up and how often a question is answered correctly. Which are the hardest and the easiest questions and some more statistics on the quiz: Quiz Game Statistics

Even though I think I have enough knowledge to create these questions, it is possible that there are mistakes. For now it would help a lot if these mistakes were reported by using [email protected].

After a question is answered the correct answer will be marked green and if answered wrong, the wrong answer will be marked red. Also an information on the question will be displayed with a link to the wiki, so new players can learn.

It is also possible to register to the website and create own questions and quiz game.
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