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I once was lost and blind, stumbling my way in a world that left me ill, broken and empty.  My personal healing journey started 8 years ago. It started with small changes, and turned into bigger ones.  In 2017, I left it all to volunteer for an NGO in Sri Lanka, and that is where things "got real". I guess you can say that I died and was reborn.  In this new life, I am found, and I can see. 
I went through months of what people go through when they have near death experiences: their whole life flashing in front of their eyes.  But mine lasted three months, going over every sinful thought, word and action since my birth. Things I didn't remember, things I didn't even know. Conclusion: I was a wretch of a person.  

And now, I want to spend my life living out my true purpose for God and God only. 

I sold my business in Montreal for 1$ and here I am starting again from scratch. I created La Fondation Godley to live a life that reflects my values, human values: cooperation, compassion, respect, sharing... 

I simply want to share the love of God with all those that are suffering.  I want to be a soldier of God and to shed His light on the darkness of this world.  

"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has never put it out." John 1 : 5 

My whole life has been a training, a training to do this work.  And many times I have failed, and I know that I will fail again.  But I pray everyday that I can be good enough to do the work that God has put me here for, no matter where or how. I still have so much to learn, and I will do what is necessary to get to where God wants me. 
You can follow our projects at :

All fundraising go directly to the projects so I’m asking for 300$ a month for myself to be able to pursue with the foundation. 
- flights ( to go back home to Canada once a year, to visit the Doloswala project in Sri Lanka, and the 18 school children of Tanzania)
- visas
- ground transportation
- medical ( things happen all the time: dog bites, snake bites, bike accident, malaria, dengue, infections )
- accomodations 
I know these places well enough now that I’m usually supplied room and board, but sometimes arriving or leaving a country, a hotel room is required.
I have a bit of savings to get things started.  And I have extremely supportive parents to help me with other issues.  
But hopefully the foundation will grow and we will be reaching out to more people in remote places.

The foundation is a huge part of my journey, but I also like to spend my time seeking, seeking for truth , for light, for God.  The majority of the time, I can find it in the eyes of the children, and their innocent hearts. But sometimes, when I fall victim to doubt, and frustration, I need time to delve into reading, studying and prayer. Sometimes I write.

I appreciate any help you can offer and if not financial, then please have me and the people I hope to reach out to in your thoughts and prayers.  Thank you for your trust.
many blessings to all.

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