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I am doing Live Streams for YouTube Creators to meet other Creators and support each other.
We teach you how to Grow your YouTube Channel and we "Do it the right way" - Join us FREE

I am 51 now, retired and awakened. I have been led by God's spirit to reach as many people as possible with the truth of Jesus Christ and the many deceptions we are living under. I own Flat Earth Forums and we discuss and post videos and commentary with many debates. The forum features Conspiracy | Theology | Philosophy as well as general discussion/debate/fellowship. 

Join Free Today:  -  I am also the Admin @Theology Forums 
$38 of $86 per month

I spend 18 hours a day on YouTube and I am supporting hundreds of channels and their streams and content.

Live Streaming for Networking, Discussion and Growing your YT Channels.

Any support is greatly appreciated.

Theology Forums and FlatEarthForums.Com
I would like to have 50 members with only a few donating for my forums.

Edit: We are up to 108 Members as of 3/3/20 !!!

I want nothing for the content I produce. The $300 is a one time goal NOT per month. The monthly goal is $86.00 per month, the cost of keeping the forums online, my YouTube channel costs and for StreamYard expenses.

We reached the $300 goal through PayPay donations. It's a great forum and you do not have to donate, join Free !!!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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