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About Patrick Elliott

Thank you for joining me on this mission for mayhem.

Wait, that's not right. Thank you for joining me here where I will be presenting my writing. I believe in creating a better world, and that can be done with words. My favorite authors have always been the ones who warned us of the dangerous places we could end up, and yet did so in a way that was still entertaining. I like to think I do am a student of their craft. Being the detour sign away from the dark future, that also brings an ounce of enjoyment is a hard job, but somebody's got to do it.

Here you will get early access to some of my stories. In addition to my regular novels I am working on two series of shorts, and a serial novel that fall into the category above. They will be posted here before they go on sale in my usual venues. I will also post some exclusive content here. I will be posting a minimum of two pieces of month. My goal is three, possibly four. Since this going to be a per content subscription, pledge accordingly. While I am one of those writers who cannot be confined by genre, most of what I write falls into the categories of Horror, Dystopian, and/or Satire. Others creep in and out, even when those three are present.

I am a free speech advocate, and hate censorship, but I also understand that people have their own guidelines. You won't find a lot of naked here, and no pictures. I have marked this for adult content because I write for adults. My characters swear. You will see violence, some of it graphic, none of it senseless, because I believe it needs to serve the plot. There might be occasional sexual content. Art imitates life as they say. Don't bring the kids.

Thank you again. Let's build a better world by avoiding the places a writer's mind sees it going.
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I'll record myself dancing a traditional Irish jig and post it as my intro video.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 142 exclusive posts

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