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About Patriot to the Core podcast

Glad you found my Patreon page b/c I'm not the most experienced at optimizing my online content.  

Patriot to the Core is a new project where I interview patriots who serve not only our country but also their fellow man. This provides an opportunity to learn about everyday Americans who go above and beyond to protect us all and to help others.


This podcast was inspired by my little brother Mark Forester. After he was KIA in Afghanistan in 2010, I was amazed at the new world of heroes and warriors we met. These men and women have become close to our family and been huge supports. But, they also stood out b/c of their willingness to voluntarily fight evil for all of us. Because of them and many like them, I started this podcast to interview these great Americans.

Why I'm using Patreon

I've been doing this since May 2016 and it's something that I love.  I'm a part-timer b/c I have a full-time, paying job.  However, this is what I enjoy most and want to find a way to make some money with something I'm passionate (almost obsessed) about.  I want to more easily justify the time away from my family.  Making extra income will def help with that.  Here are a few specifics I have planned:

  • upgrade my recording equipment and software
  • improve logo (yes, I know it's pretty weak right now)
  • upgrade web site
  • travel to do more in-person interviews 

Since I also interview those who have started nonprofits that help our veterans, I'd like to create a single location of information and interviews with these giving-folks and their organizations.  

What's in it for you?

As a supporter (patron) of my podcast, here's what you'll get from me:

  • early access to bi-weekly and other special podcasts, both audio and video (when available)
  • priority questions for guests
  • signed copy of my book
  • and more as I can provide

Big Thanks!

Thank you for considering supporting my podcast.  I'm not doing anything profound, but I find it incredibly satisfying to be able to meet and/or talk to so many selfless men and women who oftentimes have never shared in detail what they've done.  Plus, it's something positive out there for most all ages and genders. 

$27 of $500 per month
My goal is $500/month, Regardless, when income starts coming in, I'll first of all update my logo to look more legit.  Then, I'll be able to upgrade my equipment and continue to bring my listeners high quality interviews and guests.

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