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For those of you who just want to kick in even if it's just a little and help out.  It might not seem like much, but it's bigger than you think and we can't get to our goal without you.
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For those of you who just want to help out a bit more.  Again, you might not think it's much but this puts us that much closer to reaching our goal.
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At this level, it's definitely a nice gesture and a definitely a huge thank you for your support.




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When I launched in 2000, I would never have imagined in a million years that it would become such a terrific community of fans who have helped provide the motivation and drive that has caused me to continue pushing forward and helping try and improve it year after year. That's been the driving force behind all of it, which has included tremendous growth and led to improved dedicated servers, hardware, etc. There have been bumps along the way and a lot of late nights and dedication put in, which in addition to my full-time job, have been hard at times, but the tremendous support I've received over the years has made it all worth it.

However, we're heading into uncertain times online. Between the increased use of ad blockers, along with the shift in ad spending from banner ads to social media and other platforms, it's become more challenging than ever as a publisher to continue finding ways to support and maintain a site like this. As a result, it's put me in a position now where we're going to need the support of fans more than ever to keep our little place on the internet going for the foreseeable future, especially if this dangerous trend continues.

The site costs just over $600 per month to host, which basically means that we either need 600 people at $1 per month, 200 people at $3 per month, or about 120 people at $5 per month to help meet the goal of supporting what is obviously the core part of keeping things going. If we reach a point where we begin to greatly exceed that goal, I'll remove ads from the site altogether and use the additional funds toward continuing to improve the infrastructure and content. I'd also like to add and improve some additional things, including film review, video, podcasts, etc. as well as some interactive things for fans to participate in.

But this truly is an immediate need that will be vital for the site's long-term future. Having been at this for 20-years, the digital landscape has shifted greatly over that span and even more so in the last two years. will always be a free site and that will never change, but we need your help more than ever in order to make sure we'll be around another 20-years.

Thank you to those of you who choose to help me continue this incredible journey and for those of you who know me, you'll know that I will do everything I can to ensure that I won't let you down.


Ian Logue

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