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About Patti

Hello world! My name is Patti, and I am the face behind's website code. I play both DF1 (as onepotato2) and DF2 (as Sweet Potato). I can be found on Discord under a few aliases (mainly to get my work done), but my main account is thetinytatertot#7931.

I started writing the mission guide page back in late September 2018 with content and web-hosting support from the people of HAVEN. The first version took a few days to write and looked like this:

The page automatically imported data from the HAVEN Google Sheets and allows guest submissions using IPs as identifiers. This secret original version of the site still works to this day. :)

Today, after hundreds of accumulated hours put into the site's front and backend, has expanded to also include boss guides and has an easy global login system so that anyone can contribute.

Original features:
  • Add new missions with the ability to edit your own mission
  • Add walkthrough guides for mission–with editing
  • Voting system that hoisted best guides to the top
  • Guides imported from HAVEN were marked confirmed
  • Check off completed missions/tasks (later added: saved across sessions)
  • Hide specific columns
  • Mobile-friendly card-view
  • Quick search

Features that were added since the original version include:
  • Community editing with tiered permission levels
  • Admin portal unlocking special moderation features 
  • Walkthrough standardization via text parsing
  • Column filtering (saved for the browser window)
  • Row highlighting (saved across sessions)
  • Hide missions (saved across sessions)
  • Yesterday's missions toggle
  • Export to various file formats
  • Sort missions by multiple columns
  • Give credits where credit is due
  • Quick-links to city map next to each building name
  • Draggable city panels (boss page only)
  • Mission Cash and Exp summary stats
  • Live-updated commenting
  • Weekly top contributor recognition (to be expanded upon)
  • Weekly guide moderator access given to top contributors (trial run)
  • Entire website is now fully mobile-friendly
  • Guide page notification system to notify of changes (currently in development)

What you will be supporting: Me!

Currently, I am the sole web developer for To be clear, you will be supporting my development on the website. If you want to support the HAVEN community in general, there is a separate Patreon  here. currently has up to 200 concurrent visitors actively using the mission and boss guide pages. With the increase in traffic, firstly, the servers need to be upgraded to a higher tier in the short-term. In the longer run, I'd like to setup a Node.js server, which will be better suited to a higher traffic, live-updating website. This means you, as the visitor, will be able to get updates as they come in—no more refreshing! Have you ever accidentally submitted the same thing as someone else? It will let you know as it is happening.

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