Pledge $1/month

$1 /creation

  • i will recommend a movie or album for you to watch/listen to.

Pledge $5/month

$5 /creation
  • i will accept your friend request on rateyourmusic (rym).

Pledge $10/month

$10 /creation
  • i will write an rym review of any film/album/game of your choice, provided i am able to locate a copy of the chosen media.
media must be already in the rym database.
pledger may...

Pledge $20/month

$20 /creation
  • i will create a list with a subject of your choosing on rym.
pledger may decide whether the list is to be posted on my or the pledger's profile.

Pledge $50/month

$50 /creation
  • i will chat to your for up to 2 hours on a messaging application of your choice.
application must be compatible with osx or ios.
afk time counts.

Pledge $100/month

$100 /creation

  • i will video chat with you on skype for up to 1 hour.
facetime also acceptable.
afk time counts.

Pledge $200/month

$200 /creation
  • i will personally give you a 1 hour lesson in the art of the japanese language.