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Hi it's Paul. I'm a Writer, Editor, Book Development Specialist, and Writing Instructor with a close-to-the-heart special interest in writing-literacy and creative coaching.

I'll cut to the chase. I need your help to expand the independent writing, writing-literacy, and creativity clinics, workshops, and outreach I am starting-up here in New York City. The first model for this is the free, walk-in writing clinic I founded and currently operate out of my local branch of the New York Public Library: The Writer's Room (TWR). At TWR, people of any background or demographic with any level of writing skill or experience can simply walk in and improve their writing—and walk in they do. I've made access to learning the craft of the written word that simple for anyone who makes the effort to show up, and I love it.

The diversity and courage of those who have visited has been, no exaggeration, stunningly humbling. As I once did, so many yearn to express themselves better through the written word. I'm here to help. To me, gaining the freedom and ability to express oneself more effectively with writing should be a human right.

One problem is the serious lack of access to quality writing instruction out there, even amid the official channels, often due to a lack of financial or infrastructural resources. So, I am requesting your support and participation in my small but positive effort to change that. Your patronage will allow me to expand this kind of clear, open-access, no-nonsense, direct and vital outreach locally, nationally, and internationally with no hidden agenda. My plan is to pair innovative approaches with innovative venues to deliver higher levels of writing competency and literacy to those who want and need it most. Think Doctors Without Borders, but toward literacy.

Patrons at any contribution level will receive my quarterly progress report, as well as be kept current about my outreach activities via social media and other writing-and-literacy event postings. Patrons at higher contribution levels will additionally be invited to partake in and acknowledged as sponsors at select events. Thank you for your consideration ~~ Paul.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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