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Comics are the perfect balance of art, story & creative expression! I want to make them!

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Milestone Goals
Hire an assistant colourist.
$750 per month
If I'm able to raise this much, I can hire a colourist to take on a range of the basic colouring tasks which slow down the production of each page, which include putting down flat colours and putting recurring textures in the right places.
Hire a full time colourist.
$1,500 per month
If this goal is met, I can hire an artist to take on all of the colouring process, which is one of the most time-consuming aspects of creating the comic, and will double the speed at which new pages are completed!
Devote more days to the project!
$3,000 per month
If I raise this much per month, I can afford to not only hire a colourist and assistant colourist, but also spend less time taking paying jobs in order to keep income coming in, and spend more of my own time on the project.


I'm a comicker, illustrator & animator working in Oxford, UK. I've worked with a diverse range of clients (including The BBC, Dark Horse, The Historic Royal PalacesSelfMadeHeroBoom StudiosNASAMarvel) and my work has received a number of awards including two Eagle Awards for Freakangels.


Oxford, UK

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The things I most love are telling stories and creating art! Since the moment I could pick up a crayon I've been doing one or the other as hard as possible – first as a hobby, and eventually as a profession.

As a freelancer, the path of least resistance was to make a living as an artist for hire, and so, hopping from one drawing project to the next, my dream of telling stories started to slip away.

Two years ago, when my time as the artist on  Freakangels finished, I felt that if I didn’t make an effort to start writing, that dream would be gone forever, so I started a crowd funding campaign to develop a graphic novel. Since then I’ve used the funds carefully to research and write The Firelight Isle.

The story is a tale of coming of age and cultural discovery, set in a fantastical civilisation. It follows the lives of two childhood friends, about to be parted as they take their first steps into adulthood... The first chapter is available for free on, and the rest will be posted in the same way once each episode is finished.

However, I’m now facing the monumental task of actually drawing the remaining 270+ pages! In order to do this, I’m working a part-time job that leaves me with two days a week for The Firelight Isle, but I want to put every scrap of effort I have into this comic, and each page takes days to draw and colour.

Patreon is the perfect chance for me to focus on the project and speed it up without sacrificing any quality, and so I ask for your support! You’ll be helping me to achieve and maintain a life-long dream. Hopefully you’ll get a story you enjoy out of it too!

Because I think that being up front with money is important, there are three questions that I imagine potential supporters might want to ask...

Wasn’t an IndieGoGo campaign enough?

After the cost of fees, fulfilling perks and managing the campaign, I raised around $6500, which has afforded me five months of unpaid time spread over two years. However, the cost (in time) of creating a 300 page graphic novel is huge, so the plan for the campaign was only to raise money for the writing. This is explained openly  on the original project page.

But you found a publisher, aren’t they paying you?
I did announce a publisher earlier, but that turned out to be premature! Currently, there's no publisher attached, so no income from that!

How frequently do you release new pages?
The time it takes depends on the complexity of the page. This page only took me a day's work, whereas this page took me four days! Having two days a week to work on the project means that currently I'm averaging about a page a week. This means that new episodes like this take between 1 and 3 months, depending on their number of pages, complexity, and how much tangential work (such as setting up this campaign or posting orders for printed versions) interrupts the drawing. This is why I'm asking for a monthly donation – my output is irregular, but the workload is constant.

So, there you have it... The Firelight Isle is a free-to-read webcomic that I've put my heart into creating, and I'm looking for your support in order to provide myself with income whilst I work, and in order to pay other creators to help speed up the process. No matter how successful this campaign is, I will be finding every way that I can to work on the story and 
continue releasing it online!

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