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For darn near 25 years I've been working with educators to strengthen their equity and justice ideologies and practices. I've started organizations like EdChange and the Equity Literacy Institute. I even developed the first ever web site designed to disseminate resources related to what we called "multicultural education" back in the 1990s. Does that make me sound old? It's called the Multicultural Pavilion. Still exists. Yikes.

The core of my work life, and probably also my spiritual life, revolves around matters of equity and justice. I've written a bunch of books, more than a bunch of articles. I travel around the world talking about these issues. Generally I write, speak, and teach about about race, class, and other equity and justice concerns in education. But I also have written a lot about activist burnout and the sometimes-harmful aspects of the culture of some social movements.

I've always been ardently anti-proprietary and used web sites and social media to share a lot of what I do publicly for free: my articles, a few YouTube videos, and that sort of thing. But there are some things I've been hesitant to share in this fashion for a variety of reasons. And there are some things I would like to do and share that require some additional resources. For those reasons, I started this Patreon page.

For years I've been looking for a way to share a fuller picture of myself and my work and the resources I'm created and communities I'm helping cultivate than is possible on social media. As I mentioned above, there are things I'd rather share with a smaller community than with anybody who happens by me on Twitter. I'm talking about a big range of things, like 
  • activities and exercises I use in my workshops that might do damage if they're used by people who don't really understand their purposes;
  • journals and writing I've never shared about how struggling with depression affects my activism and teaching;
  • poetry I've written both about social justice issues and about depression; and
  • content and even presentation slides from my presentations and workshops that could be adapted and maybe do some good for other people who do similar work.

Then, as I mentioned, there are things I want to be able to offer, but need resources to support their development. These include things like
  • interviews with some of my equity and justice heroes;
  • self-paced mini-courses people can access online to competent other sorts of professional learning;
  • personal coaching services for people who are doing, or wanting to do, equity work;
  • a video blog series hitting on timely educational equity issues; and
  • more.

So that's what I intend to do here, along with building a community among people who have used my work or who want to meet other people doing equity and justice work in education. Depending on the level at which you join, I'm offering:
  • all that stuff I listed above;
  • at least one new video blog each month about an issue related to equity and justice in education;
  • early access to my articles;
  • monthly video recordings of me answering questions you provide to me;
  • individual coaching opportunities for people wanting to get into equity and justice work in schools, experiencing burnout because of equity and justice work in schools, wanting support and guidance for their writing; or grappling with a particular issue or concern in their own spheres of influence;
  • access to recordings of webinars I deliver for organizations around the US and, really, around the world;
  • opportunities to learn more about my work, the equity literacy framework, and upcoming projects; and
  • the ability to assign me topics for my written and video blogs.

If this sounds like it might bring some energy or joy and community to your life, please join me. If you'd like a little less of a personal connection, check me out on Twitter or visit the Equity Literacy Institute's web page. 

Thanks for dropping by!
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 24 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 24 exclusive posts

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