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$25 /mo
Every grain counts!!!
And soo does your opinion! With your contribution you can also provide feedback on the respective project you intent to backup. Follow the path of development!

$50 /mo
With 50, i can shake your virtual hand and Thank you for your commitment !!! You will have a special entrance to my brain and receive a monthly update with the visual progress of the project of you...

$100 /mo
With 100, i can shake both your hands and double Thank you!!! And also provide acess to the two previous rewards and also add acess to interviews with the creators.

$250 /mo
More hands to shake!!! With your generous offer, besides your name beeing in the credits of the game, you can also add your voice to a in game character.

$500 /mo
The Alpha and the beta, will be rewarded to your gaming pleasure!

$1,000 /mo
You will be God ( within the game of course ) ...