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Support a fellow broken art historian that can barely draw but is trying his best to draw!

Art that will be made consists of stuff you guys ask me to do (Patrons ONLY) and random art I get from friends that I'd share only for spreading their better art styles!

What you'll see on occasion: (When I draw something that is)
  1. Tickling porn!
  2. Foot fetish/Paw porn!
  3. BDSM porn!
  4. Gay porn!
  5. Weird yet socially acceptable porn!
  6. Occasional IRL foot stuff.
All of the above are NSFW (NOT Safe for work), meaning if you're under 18 OR you don't like NSFW then I am not an artist for you and there are way better people out there~

Q: Why is the minimum and maximum pledge just 1$?
A: That is the lowest amount that allowed me so I have to stick with it! And it's once a month! 
It's an absolute steal!
Q: Will you stream your work/while you work on sites like Picarto?
A: I won't, because I'm a college student and time is precious for me. Although I might stream myself playing a game on sometimes.

Q: Hang on, how much art do you think you'll make then if you reach a good amount of Patrons?!

A: I'll do what I already do! Make art at weekends and when I'm not studying! I'm incredibly fast at working on art!

Q: I'd like you to draw something for me since I'm a Patron of yours.
A: Well if you're a 5$+ Patron, you can ask me for anything!
And if you're a 10$ Patron, you get 3 free pieces each month! 

Q: Do you draw anything?
A: Well I don't draw anything anything, if you ask I can let you know my limits but I won't list them here because I don't want Patreon to delete my page.

$6 of $300 per month
I can work on art as an acutal job!
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