Pachamama forest restoration project

is creating systems of living in harmony with nature

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All of our 'Tiers', offer the same things, It depends on how you wish to support.

'Tiers', allow us to direct funds into the specific place requested by our patrons and to be able to use features on Patreon that make it more interesting for you in future, with original music and DIY videos. We have followed the tier structure offered by Patreon but are applying it in a different way. The 'Tiers' are designed to suit any budget and for those with more abundance, to be able to give more.

The Covid-19 situation is making things difficult for us and we are requesting that our friends and Patrons subscribe to a higher group for the duration of the suppression laws currently in place in South Africa. You can downgrade your monthly payments at any time.

The funds for this tier go specifically to nurture our seed nursery and stock; and all daily activities that go with generating seedlings for the nursery.

Tree Nurturer

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All of our 'Tiers', offer the same things, It depends on how you wish to support............ Readmore detailed description on Tier 1.

Funds from this tier are allocated towards tree care - this includes maintaining and growing our sapling nursery. Ensuring that we always have happy, healthy trees to add to our forestation project.

Forest Nurturer

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All of our 'Tiers', offer the same things, It depends on how you wish to support............ Readmore detailed description on Tier 1.

 By joining this tier, funds will be allocated specifically to daily tree care and you will be sponsoring one tree to be planted and cared for within our forest restoration project. 




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About Pachamama forest restoration project

This page was not created because of COVID-19, however the current lockdown has put us far behind in our program. We have not stopped working, in fact, we are getting more done than usual with less disturbances, however due to the travel ban we are no longer getting regular volunteers and our income through our airbnb has ceased.

We need some help from those of you who know and support Pachamama.

We have a deadline to meet and we will continue to meet this deadline. We will not stop planting trees because of this global pandemic. Our commitment to the forest was made and will be met. We will plant the necessary 2000 trees in the next 60 days to honour our commitments. However we need help. We are short staffed and there are many local people out of work. Your contribution will not only support the trees but some of the supports some local people to generate some daily income and a meal, during this difficult time. There are countless ways your small month contribution will help us to sustain our project and continue to take care of the forest and people here, while humans figure out this virus.

For too long, us humans have collectively thought of ourselves as separate from nature. The time has come to remember that we are so intimately connected and dependent on its healthy ecosystems. Pachamama is a living-learning centre & community based project, located on the Garden Route on the West coast of South Africa.

Our core mission is to serve current and future generations by developing lifestyle and living systems on a value system which is based on cultivating and enhancing the natural flow of ecological function or bio-mimicry.

Our supporters are contributing toward the growing movement of changing the way we collectively engage with nature. We provide the opportunity to participate in a project which creates ripples of change, extending far beyond the boundary of this land. 

We are currently in phase two of our 'Holistic Strategy' and have created this new way of enabling people to invest in this project. In exchange for your support, we will share useful and practical information about what we have learnt and continue to learn from this experience through blog posts, creative media and Patreon exclusive content.

As a treat we will also post clips of the original music that is born from Pachamama family recorded in the 'Fire Opâ'. 

You will also get access to inspirational, practical and interesting videos we are creating which will be posted here.

We promise to make this page interesting and different, in exchange for your patronage. It will grow with photos of our project as it manifests. We will post stories and interviews with volunteers and crew here

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