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is creating social justice edu by a trans enby 1st gen Fil-Am lens!
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About AC Dumlao

“I always go to AC to see what they’ll say because I trust their opinion and that they’ll come from a perspective that enriches and betters my own understanding and experience of the world–and I know that reading what AC has to say makes my own effect on the world more positive too!”
– Elly Belle, Writer & Advocate

* * *

Hi! My name is Mx. AC (Angela) Dumlao and I’m a queer trans non-binary first-generation American and child of Filipino immigrants. As an advocate + artist + educator, I’m dedicated to affirming and uplifting underrepresented folks and their intersectional experiences of oppression. I run the social justice Facebook Call Me They, which is the primary place that I create online content.

I also run the Instagram  @mx.acdumlao (where #genderfull fashion and self-care/mental health reflection meet) and tweet at @mxacdumlao. I’ve been profiled by NBC Asian America‘s #RedefineAtoZ 2017. I've also guest edited for the QTPOC publication, been featured by  Allure Magazine, been published by  The Huffington PostBroadly (VICE), and Autostraddle, and been quoted by INTO, Business Insider,, and The Root.

This patreon page was created because my amazing followers requested a place that they can pay me for my emotional and intellectual labor as an educator on queer, trans, POC, Asian-American, Filipino, Mental Health, social justice issues and more. I still have imposter syndrome about advocating for myself, so I thank my followers for their encouragement. I've posted a few quotes not only as endorsements but as a reminder to myself of the support and love I receive from you, my community. 

If you've ever shared something I wrote, learned something from me, and/or felt that I put into words something that you care about, I humbly ask for your support. Any funds I receive go toward travel expenses and supplemental income to make up for any freelance jobs or speaking events which I am either unpaid or underpaid. The truth is that living in NYC is hard, and many times after bills and debt, my monthly patreon payout is the cash I left on hand. Your monthly contribution makes a direct difference in my life.

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xo AC

“If I love you, I have to make you conscious of the things you don’t see.” — James Baldwin

* * * 

" A much-needed voice on campus, AC not only spoke on the intricacies of being multiply marginalized and how to elevate those who are, but grounded it in lived experiences and a thorough understanding of intersectionality. They not only walk the walk, they also talk the talk."
– A Guo, Student Leader, Queer Nonbinary Student of Colour, Asian Canadians Association of Carleton University

"AC Dumlao introduces such a refreshing perspective on intersectionality, advocacy, and activism. Their authenticity and dedication towards equitable representation for marginalized peoples has been so inspiring to me."
– Megan Wang, Student Leader

“AC describes their intersections of race, gender, and sexuality in a way that makes it easy to grasp for new readers, yet still refreshing and engaging for folks who are already familiar with some social justice terminology. Their style of writing is informative, but perhaps most importantly, affirming and encouraging.”
– Charlene Vo, Nonbinary and Queer Student of Color

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