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THE PAYOFF is hosted by two huge fans of pro wrestling nostalgia, Tom & Jeff, who host the first wrestling podcast in the world to do a weekly deep dive into a classic match along with a legend of the squared circle.

We launched the podcast to give our fellow wrestling fans a different type of podcast and have been blown away by the support so far! Each week, we try to present new information to listeners, while giving an entertaining look at what took place before, during, and after a classic match. 

We are on Patreon because we can't do it without you - by supporting THE PAYOFF we will be able to bring you better guests, better matches, and more fresh content each week. As a THANK YOU for your support, we will load up our Patreon with bonus content, bonus matches, exclusive access behind-the-scenes at THE PAYOFF, and much more! We hope to earn your support as a patron of... THE PAYOFF!

- Tom & Jeff

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