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is creating new classical, instrumental music and songs,
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About Paulo Bottas

Greetings and welcome.

Let me tell you why I joined Patreon as one of the numerous way I found to finance my art. I always wanted to be a musician.  Art is for me something connected to my identity. It fulfills my existence and since I was child, music was something I recognized doing for the rest of my life. But I knew that money would be a necessary means to be able to follow my path, consecrating myself exclusively to my passion. And that's why I endeavoured in numerous ways to make my way in life as an artist.

To increase my chances of living as a musician, I did a lot things:

  • I seriously studied music and consequently became a composer.
  • I began consistently advertising my work and gradually began to receive offers of paid commissions.
  • I started producing my own concerts in such a manner as to be ahead of my own expectations as an artist entrepreneur.
  • I became a music teacher, and now I'm mentoring a considerable number of students in my private studio.

And despite all this, I never stopped composing!
You can access my YouTube Channel and see how much I have been able to achieve through hard work and dedication. There you can find at least 30 videos, carefully produced, as the proof of the comittment and time I have invested to this day! But the videos you can watch on my YouTube Channel are only the tip of the iceberg. I still have a lot of compositions waiting to be produced. As if that was not enough, I haven't stopped writing music, therefore every month that list grows.

That is how Patreon has become yet another way to finance my art! For me, being an independent composer means to be in steady and continual contact with my audience, and Patreon will allow me to create while being directly connected to all those who appreciate my music. So, I created several TIERS ranging from $ 1 to 50 dollars. To see all them, check the right side of this page, pick one that suits you and support my work.

I know I can do more and I can do it even better, but I need a little help from my friends, so, I hope you can take part in this.

Thank you for your support,


$78 of $600 per month
With $600 coming from your financial support, I will be able to consecrate my time to the composition and production of my works. I can devote one day a week to dedicate myself exclusively to the composition
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