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In just a year, The PBCTU has stood up to slumlords, developers, corrupt city council members in Palm Beach County. We have provided know-your-rights education & training, connected renters with legal representation, fought against corporate slumlords and won. We have provided mutual-aid for our members when they need help dealing with evictions and relocating. We have done all of this on a volunteer basis with little to no budget. As our organization continues to expand, we are looking to raise money for our operations so that we can become stronger and more effective in the fight for housing justice for all.

What Do We Need Funding For?
  1. Hardship fund - money for members who are facing eviction or other forms of retaliation.
  2. Legal Fees
  3. Printed materials 
  4. Community meetings and services
  5. Mold tests and other housing safety tests
  6. Tenant clinic
What is a Tenants Union?
A Tenants Union is similar to a labor union, but for renters. A Tenants Union provides it’s members a base of support for the housing issues that affect working class people - poor housing conditions, rising rents, gentrification, laws that favor property owners over renters, etc. Rather than deal with these issues alone, a union gives us strength in numbers, a sense of solidarity as we work together, and better chances at winning demands from landlords.

Become A Sustainer
By becoming a monthly sustainer, you are directly contributing to the fight for fairness and dignity in housing in Palm Beach County. By standing with PBCTU you are participating in a nationwide movement for affordable and just housing in an era of skyrocketing income inequality.

$165.90 of $800 per month
When we reach $800 per month, we'll be able to start an in-house tenant consultancy, something that is desperately needed in Palm Beach County where there are few legal resources for tenant.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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