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Why Patreon? Why now?
Patreon gives me the unique opportunity to bring my work, raw & uncut, to lovers of stories. It also allows me to receive some small compensation for the time I put into coming up with ideas, writing, and sharing them. And as for why now? Well, why not now? My love of storytelling and ideas for new characters will never stop or end. Using Patreon I am able to earn a few bucks and share my passion with as many people as possible. A large portion of my writing is available for FREE (on my website) as I understand my work is unedited and my end-goal has always been to increase readership.

Writing is my passion. I love storytelling through the creation of interesting characters. And in 2020 I began a journey towards writing 52 short stories in 52 weeks in the hopes that it will reignite my fire for novel-writing and other forms of writing in the future!

The concept behind "episodes-to-novels" is that as a patron you will get the nitty-gritty chapters I write, as I write them, and before they get sent to beta readers or editors or anything like that. And if you want, you can tell me what you think, thereby effecting the story even before I write the next chapter! I'll be working this way with all my novels, including any I may have previously written as I hope to revisit and revitalize them.

LISTEN UP! - $5/Month
Aside from my Friday Fiction short stories and episode-to-novels endeavor, I also enjoy reading my work aloud with the purpose of releasing these audio recordings as podcasts. They aren't the most professional episodes you'll ever hear, but I like reading my work in this way. Every month there's bound to be something released from my Friday Fiction collection. Search for it in your favorite podcast player or become a patron and get early access (commercial free).

SUPER FAN - $7/Month
I don't want to simply release episodes and leave them like that. I want to polish them, with your help, and release them as ebooks and print books. At this tier you'll not only get access to my private files in my World Anvil page, but you'll also get my ebooks and print books (personalized) as well! My small way of saying thank you for being a Super Fan.

CURRENT PROJECTS: Friday Fiction, Stonehaven, & Magicianary...

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Shenandoah Readings | I will read the 1st Season of Shenandoah and make all recordings available to ALL patrons. Then release on my Friday Fiction Podcast at a later date.
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