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Thank you so very much for choosing to support Peaceful Horse. We are starting from the very beginning! Welcome to our growing international community of Peaceful Horse Patrons! Peaceful Pasture Patrons receive our New Moon Patron-only Newsletter delivered every month to your email; a Patron-only photo from our daily life at the farm; and free access to our Equine-Facilitated Meditation Sessions which is proving to be a valuable offering in and of itself. All Peaceful Horse tiers include these three benefits as a foundation, with our full Gratitude.

This image was from 4 July, 2020, as I spent the night with my herd (until they literally told me to go home and get some sleep!) to make sure they were safe and protected from nearby fireworks. It was quite a night! Beautiful, liminal light and silhouettes of Luna and Artemis.
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As a Peaceful Herd Patron, your monthly contribution will help us offset and manage the large financial costs of keeping our herd/Educators physically healthy and nurtured with consistent health checkups, including teeth and hoof care, and keeping their pantry filled with hay, grain and supplements year-round. Your contribution is so important! Thank you very much for becoming a member of our growing international community of Peaceful Horse Patrons.
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Educational Patron

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As a monthly Educational Patron, you are supporting two vital areas:  ensuring motivated students can access our training by partially funding some of the spaces available, and, a portion will contribute to our herd's food and physical wellness checkups, which includes teeth and hoof care. So much gratitude for your contribution, and especially for becoming a member of our growing international community of dedicated Peaceful Horse Patrons. Thank you!
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About Peaceful Horse

Thank you for landing on our Patreon account! We hope your interest will lead you to become one of our Patrons! Please read on for what we are about and what we offer you in gratitude for your support.

One of the best offerings I, Erika, the founder of Peaceful Horse, can make to you, is my delight in sharing our experiences here at Peaceful Horse through our newsletter, photography, Q&A, and the live chats; all of which are just beginning with this account on Patreon! There is a long list of goals, some of which you will read within my introduction here and a few more on the tiers of support we/I offer. I am a huge fan of storytelling, the value of myths and fairy tales as teaching tales, and using my senses to interpret what ways we can learn from our horses here. I do hope that the tales of what we are up to at the barn and pasture will delight you, and be something that you look forward to each month!

Can you imagine the visceral feeling of connecting with a horse, without even being in physical contact with one? Peaceful Horse is here with important tools to help people begin to:

•  Build self-awareness that leads to grounded and peaceful confidence with others.
•  Learn to better discern, and listen to, one's inner, authentic voice.
•  Find the still point within that allows access to a cosmos of personal life potential.
•  Safely and peacefully reconcile with fear of any kind, including the fear of horses.
•  Be open from the center (not the mind) to connecting with a horse who chooses to connect, at their discretion.
•  Begin the deeply rewarding path with horses if your goal is to: ride, volunteer, or work with horses in any capacity, professionally or personally.

You are cordially invited to become a Patron member of our global Peaceful Horse Community! With your vital financial support, the creative vision of an International Community Center will come to life! We are starting off with foundational support that enables me to focus on the daily care of each herd member and their Facilitator training, while also running the business! Our crew: myself, and three now-healthy rescued horses who are: Artemis (age 22), Luna June (age 18) and Duncan James Sea (2 years).

Becoming one of our crucial supporting Patrons also allows us to offer educational sessions to low-income individuals and groups at a reduced rate so that every person who is passionate about learning with us, regardless of their income level, has the opportunity to participate.

How I started out on this path 
My journey with horses began four intense years ago, by rescuing Maggie, my first horse. I had absolutely zero experience in caring for horses at that point. In fact, I had no truck, no trailer, no help, no money and NO CLUE of the magnitude that that decision would have on my life; in spite of all that, it was very clear that I needed to make the choice and trust how this would evolve. As a Patron, you will have exclusive access to my telling of our beginnings, a story with many layers and nuances that the general public does not know at this point. I will write a book on our journey in the next year or two. But for now, it is Patron Only Content! It is quite a story. Maggie is the sole reason that Peaceful Horse exists.

My passion is to ensure that we provide perfect opportunities to beautifully influence hearts and generations of people and horses; changing how we think of life, nature, and each other. In short, as a Peaceful Horse Patron, you are a dear friend in our world-community, helping to create opportunities that nurture peaceful humans, learning from peaceful horses. The horses lead the way.

Once we reach enough funding, we will step into stewardship of a large area of land to become The Peaceful Horse International Community Center. Offering many more opportunities to learn, heal, experience, and inquire, in our own landscape and facility. Much more exciting details on that, down the road. First things first: our foundation of a well-supported herd, the costs of running their home space (aka their barn and pasture), and broaden our ability to welcome students, volunteers and staff. We have several tiers of support that you can choose from. Every level is vital and equally important to the wholeness that is Peaceful Horse.

Peaceful Horse student training is the very first step in associating with horses for any desired situation. We are on the ground with horses. Therefore, this is not a riding school. This is a unique education, not like any other horse-based educational setting. The benefits of Peaceful Horsemanship to the human experience are countless and limitless! Expanded skills in attentive listening and presence reach into our daily lives, influencing how we listen to, and interact with, humans and non-humans alike. What blossoms is a positive inner presence in community and social fabric for all ages, from youth to elders, at home and at work. Peaceful Horsemanship safely gives students the appropriate and necessary facility of respect and attentiveness, before ever touching a horse to groom them, feed them, or ride them.

To enter prepared into the presence of a horse is to enter into genuine and respectful conversation on stable footing.

Peaceful Horsemanship is the paramount step utterly overlooked in horsemanship the world over. There is a magnetism and power of horses that either draws us in awe or repels us out of fear. Two sides of the same coin. We believe it is best to go in as prepared as possible with interspecies skills from the start. And, it is never too late to bridge that gap!

Thank you so very much for your consideration. If you decide to join us, we welcome you to the Peaceful Horse Community and to the foundation of what becomes possible through your monthly contribution.

There is great strength in community and here, we are growing a uniquely focused one! 

$120.19 of $1,000 per month
When we reach $1,000 per month, I will establish a savings account where we can accrue the funds needed to purchase a truck and trailer to haul the horses safely, pick up hay, and do general farm maintenance. From the beginning, I've been using my tiny Pontiac Vibe. That's 3 1/2 years hauling hay, tools and gear. It's time to match the need! Once this goal is filled (I can't wait to announce it!) the next goal right behind it is to start building the savings for land and establish our presence as an international community center for horse + human relationship healing, and heart-based eco-education. There are many beautiful features to our community center vision that I am eager to share with our Community in time. When we reach $1,000/month, we will celebrate by (randomly) recognizing a Peaceful Horse Patron every month!
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