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Welcome to the journey. Having curiosity is the first step. Now that you have begun we are excited to share with you occasional ideas and concepts that will motivate this adaptation from book to live show. 

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As the development process advances, so too will video content where we will grant you exclusive access to the creative process from script to song. This will be access to chats with the director, composer and the ideation process. 

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Meet the creators who are bringing Peaceful Warrior to life through a monthly video chat that will share our direction and progress. 

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About Todd Felderstein

WAY OF THE PEACEFUL WARRIOR, the book by Dan Millman that, since its first publishing, has amassed millions of fans across the globe and has been translated into 20+ languages, is now being adapted for the musical stage!

The story begins as Dan, a world class collegiate gymnast, wakes in a panic from a nightmare. A student at the University of California at Berkeley, Dan is at the top of his game as an athletic champion and an academic high achiever. It's unlike him to have an unsettled mind yet these recent days and nights have plagued him with an uneasy feeling, a dread which is now haunting his mind and robbing him of a good night's rest. Unable to return to sleep, he takes a post-midnight walk on and around the Berkeley campus where he discovers an all night service station manned by a quirky grey haired attendant with a strange yet remarkable familiarity. Winning Dan's attention through curious insight, dated wit and magical agility, "Socrates" soon establishes himself as Dan's newfound guide where he mentors him on the way to happiness, understanding and what it means to be a true Peaceful Warrior. The story takes him through an assortment of mystical journeys that force him to look deep within while dealing with the daily routine of a young man in college that include commeraderie, lust and unattainable love. Through the tests of time Dan discovers that he must lose his mind in order to come to his senses.

Starring Nick Nolte as "Socrates" and Scott Mechlowicz as the young "Dan Millman," this movie adaptation is not affiliated with our musical journey outside of the same source material. But we like the trailer and think it gives you a really good idea of the story that we are about to tell -- except that ours will be a Live Stage Musical.

The director and producer motivating this live theatrical production is lead by Todd Felderstein, a stage and film-maker behind such titles as Sony TV's SPIDER-MAN, an assortment of short and long-form stage productions, the feature documentary MAGICS and is a member of the legendary Actors Studio West Directors Unit.

Our composer, Chris Pierce, continues his very strong musical path as a singer/songwriter that traverses the boundaries of the music industry. With a career defined through his sultry jazz and blues vibe, he continues a very active touring schedule backed by the successes of his multiple albums, TV commercials, films, and his music on the television show, THIS IS US.

And, of course, there's Dan Millman, the original peaceful warrior, who continues to be our guiding force in this journey to the Broadway stage.

As the road to the Broadway stage can be a long trek from concept to opening night which includes lots of trials, readings, developments, workshops and money, we are asking for your help. WAY OF THE PEACEFUL WARRIOR is a story that is already beloved by multiple generations. With a built-in fan base and its spiritual core, today's musical landscape is ripe for the launch of Peaceful Warrior from its literary foundation into a dynamic rhythmic discovery of self and what it means to live as a conscious, loving being.

We so appreciate your interest and involvement in our Peaceful Warrior production from the very depths of our heart and are thrilled to have your support. This journey will only be made possible through the generosity of people like you whose faith in us will prevail. As Dan Millman writes, "there are no ordinary moments." And yes, we believe that our WAY OF THE PEACEFUL WARRIOR is on the path to being extraordinary. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

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