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**From September 2019 Gold Tier subscribers will get access to select raw data posts to download/process raw data sets!**

Hi there!
– I’m Damian and welcome to my new astrophotography and astronomy video tutorial portal!

Within this portal you’ll find a multitude of tutorials, videos and talks to help you improve your astrophotography. Amateur astronomy and astrophotography can be a challenging endeavor in which to start achieving good results. It can be a process often fraught with frustration.

Having really focused on the image producing side over my career I now want to start focusing more on giving more back to the worldwide community of amateur astronomers. Having given talks, presentations and workshops both at home and abroad the audiences such events reach are often limited. A portal such as this is a far more effective way to give advice and guidance to a global audience.

During my more than two decades involved in astrophotograpy I’ve not only gained many awards and accolades for my work but also more importantly gained a tremendous amount of practical ‘real world’ experience and knowledge, from working in the field with simple equipment to operating complex telescope systems and in depth image processing workflows.


For a very small monthly fee you’ll gain access to a large range of astrophotography tutorial material, talks on various astronomical topics and brand new content that will appear only through this portal. Also you’ll find guidance on choosing telescopes, cameras and other equipment, including any new software and equipment in the market.

You’ll also gain in watching tutorial material from someone with a proven track record over more than two decades in the field. My aim is to make YOU a better astrophotographer, and to help you start achieving the kind of images you want. I cant promise a magical solution but i can promise i will do my best to guide and assist you via the material you'll find within this site.

                                           BRONZE SUBSCRIPTION

Subscribers so this tier get access to a small selection of tutorial videos. This tier is primarily to give a taster of the material on offer.

                                        SILVER TIER SUBSCRIPTION

Silver Tier subscribers have access to ALL tutorial video material.

                                    GOLD TIER + DATA SUBSCRIPTION

Gold tier has access to all video material and also gets access to select raw data posts from my vast personal archive giving you chance to practice techniques on real data from a variety of telescopes/cameras. This is exclusive to Gold tier and not offered anywhere else.

Exclusive to Patrons! - I also offer one to one imaging and processing guidance either on your own image data and telescopes or by remote session. Please message or email me for details on this to arrange.

I am also very keen for this to be a two way relationship – if there is material you’d like to see featured on this page please let me know and I will do my best to make it happen. The more subscribers that sign up the more time i will be able to spend on new material.

My sincere thanks for your interest!

Clear skies and steady seeing!

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 105 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 105 exclusive posts

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