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About pearlpugly

Hello lovely person who happened to stumble upon my patreon!
My name is Pearl, or as I prefer to wreak havoc on the internet: pearlpugly.
I'm a European visual storyteller and I'm here to turn all the fables my mind ever came up with into comics and animations and sometimes, just sometimes, into animated comics.
Your support would mean the world to me, but also that I could continue to afford the programs and apps I use to bring my art to life. Hopefully, with your help, I could also keep up with all my ongoing fan- and original projects and find a bit more free-time to work on the comics, that have been collecting dust for the last 6-10 years. I feel like their time has finally come! 
What I hope to achieve in the near future:
🐨 start making merchandise (very limited edition t-shirts and tote bags or pins for example)
🐨 print a small batch of whatever comic I finish first (or whichever gets chosen as fan fave)
🐨 youtube channel + a monthly video (animation or edited footage)

Thank you for stopping by and considering helping me out! I hope to see you on this exciting, artistic journey!