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is creating Alternative 3D printable rank & file miniatures for your games!

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Normal patreon subscription paused because of the Kickstarter campaign preparations. No monthly releases until back to normal (after KS ends).

By joinning this tier, you get access to the INN (miniatures) and BITS (bits for kitbash) folder.


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  • Monthly fee license that allows you to sell prints of my models.
  • You can sell without complains from me, as long as you are in this tier.
  • You may add a link to this patreon in the product description, to let people know the source of the models.



About Peculiar Companions

Hello and welcome 3D printing adventurers! I am Erramir Orlans, from Argentina, and this is Peculiar Companions.

You have NO 3D printer? dont worry! i have licensed printers, ask them any of my models :) Check the list on my website(link is below):

Webstore I Licensed Printers Facebook Discord


In this project, the proposal is to deliver one monthly pack of single themed 3d printable models, set for 28-32mm scale. The monthly theme is decided via pools by the patrons. One pool is to decide the race/species, and then, a second pool decides the culture/aesthetics.

The models are designed in such way that they can cover a balanced mix of heroic/commander poses and those poses who are needed for rank & file games, while at the same time being compatible for RPGs or Skirmish battles. No big creatures like dragons or demons.

In terms of type and amount: for each faction/theme we will cover the noticeables units. The typical will be 4 units types (2-3 infantry + 2-1 cavalry or 3 infantry +1 cavalry) plus commanders (1 on foot + 1 mounted). Each unit type will have between 3 and 8 variants.


  • As result you get an average of 20 (or 25 if higher tier) models
  • Also you get all the bits of the units (weapons, shields and some pieces of armor).
  • You get from 10% to 40% off in gumroad store products depending on your tier.
  • Patreon goals are community designed models, so prepare to have your Peculiar Companion guidelined via community votes! :) 
  • When joining, you access the INN (welcome pack), which has a mix of models: random ones i upload, plus 1 of each unit of the monthly theme (except commanders and siege engines).

When and how you get the goods?

When? Easy, you get the models in the second half of the month since some models will be delayed because of awaiting pool results (special unit, goals community model and any other special make)

How? Well, "Bits" and "Inn" folders will be accesible for all patreons through a link directing to google drive. Links will be updated each month and be posted with the hashtag: "Inn & Bits".

Monthly models will be uploaded into posts for each tier. The files will be removed by the 10th day of the next month. To get the previous months models, you can go to the webstore and use the discount code and select the specific troops packs (unit types) you want.

60 - reached! patrons
Will make a special unit for any of the factions previously voted as monthly theme.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts

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