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Wood Heart
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  • You’ll receive a password to read entirely each episode of my book, out on my site every two months.
  • Consult the list of the available characters and tell me what’s your favourite! The adventurer you’ll choose will represent you and just you forever! 
Ink Heart
per month
  • You'll receive the password and the character as in the previous tier.
  • At the end of the next episode you'll find the portrait and the description of your character.
  • You’ll receive the first chapter of each episode one week before the official publication.
Honey Heart
per month
  • You'll receive all the prizes of the previous tiers.
  • Your character will be part of one episode! Because of obvious narrative necessities, I can’t introduce it immediately, but you’ll meet it in the future. That's for sure. 
  • The t-shirt of Pecus in Fabula and the print of one of my drawings will be yours!
  • Every six months of continuous patronage, you’ll receive an original drawing.



About Pecus in Fabula

Why should you participate to my patreon and read my books?
Well, as a matter of fact, you should not. I mean... taking part in my journey across Betullia, you’d have to deal with a lot of unfriendly people: grumpy undead, weasel vulpiculas and men hunters. Yes, sir, where I come from, humans are preys. Then, there are fiery blindslers with uninviting eating habits, wheezanders with legs as long as redwood trees and fearsome buttons thiefs. Of course, there are many wonders as well: skies with a rare beauty, cigars flavoured for years among coffee beans and an underwater library. You could be eaten, cocooned for later feeding, used as door decoration or buried under a leaf landslide... or you could get so comfortable that you wouldn’t want to go away.
Run away, hole up in your daily existence as quick as you can and stay there before one of these sentences will passionate you too much and will make you want to know more!
To all of you, my dear and trusted friends, too brave or too bored to give up light-heartedly to such a long journey... to you, my dear fond readers who believe in me, I’ll devote the mind which I think with and the hand which I draw with. I’ll dedicate the the most sublime fantasy and the passion that animates me to you. To all of you, explorers of my mind... Bon voyage!

The book
My books come out on a bimonthly basis and, starting from the fourth episode, you will be able to read them entirely just by taking part to this Patreon.

The characters
Taking part to my Patreon, you will have the chance to choose a character from the list of those available. Your favourite will be your alter ego in my world and you’ll find it at the end of each book as long as you’ll participate. Furthermore, it will stay forever in the list of the existing characters on my website!
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Wow! Thank you! We are creating a community and that was our first milestone. I’ll randomly take one of these 20 characters and I’ll make something special about it ;)
Now it’s time to create more goals! This is only the beginning!
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