is creating a platform working to revolutionize community collaboration.

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Help us develop Peerion, an engaging social collaboration platform that simplifies the process of finding and giving support in your local community by connecting people, with projects and ideas in a more efficient way. Peerion offers many collaboration features, business and fundraising tools, and a unique game-like social experience that keeps users engaged and connected. The platform makes it easy to build teams, manage projects, and most importantly grow local communities.

Peerion will always be 100% free to use. We know how difficult and expensive it can be to move from the idea phase to execution. This is why we provide a range of free tools, services and resources to streamline project management and growth.

Peerion's design will assist the new wave of creative entrepreneurs and community activists with the production of meaningful projects to continue pushing the world forward.

We are still in the early stages of development and over the course of the next couple of years we plan to incorporate many other features that further support, protect and empower local community effort. Peerion's ultimate goal is to implement a blockchain solution to completely decentralize control over the platform.

Why do we need your help? / What can you do to help?

  • Running costs
    • While the platform itself is and always will be free, its development and design can be time consuming and costly. Peerion is also dependent on cloud services that cost money every month to run. That is why we are starting this Patreon page, in hope that the users of Peerion will support us as we continue to build the best platform possible for the community.
  • Talented people
    • Our team currently consists of only two people. One who designs and develops the entire platform, and one who manages, coordinates, and communicates with local communities.
    • Peerion is capable of so much more and many of its features need more attention and time to fully utilize its novel design and achieve greatness, and for that we need more people to join us.
  • Word of mouth
    • It doesn't matter how effective or efficient our platform is if nobody knows about it. We need passionate users to build the core of our community to spread the word and help us grow.
  • Feedback
    • The more people using Peerion and giving us new perspectives and diverse needs, only help to push the platform further. Your feedback helps us figure out what is important to you so we can make Peerion as universal and flexible as possible.

What can you do with Peerion?

Peerion eliminates all of the overhead for starting up and scaling projects. No longer do you have to pay to use and manage multiple different platforms. Now through one unified solution you have everything you need on a single intuitive dashboard.


Peerion works to efficiently connect members within a community, making it easier to both find and give support. Using an advanced directory search, you can find and connect with people, organizations, projects and ideas by location, roles, skills and interests.

The focus is on bringing communities closer together. There are many more social features built-in that makes connecting, sharing and promoting easy and enjoyable.
  • Activity feed
  • Direct messaging
  • Group discussions
  • Networking tools


Similar to Asana or Monday but with a twist. You can utilize Peerion's directory and social features to collaborate on ideas, build teams and manage projects in a more meaningful and effective way.


Similar to Shopify, eBay or Amazon – You and your team can easily manage payments and take your projects directly to market with built-in business tools. List services, digital products, jobs, tasks and events, and manage them all on one easy to use dashboard.


From the moment you step on the platform you are immersed in a game-like design. Work through an intricate multi-stage leveling system powered by Peerion’s experience point that will unlock special features and bonuses along the way. Collect badges and move up through the ranks as you reach certain milestones to become a staple in the Peerion Community.

Native wallet

Collect community airdrops containing token bonuses, prizes, and other redeemables. Easily offer your community incentives, direct payments, tips and extra perks.

Experience VR

Dedicated VR experiences exclusive to Peerion members for hosting classes, meetings, demos, performances, conferences, games, and much more.

Get ready to take your projects and communities to the next level as we push the boundaries and meaning of creative collaboration.
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At 100 patrons we will release:
  • Alpha version of the Mito Grid's voting system and automated bonus distributor
  • advanced search directory with more robust features
  • VR party event in celebration
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