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My name is Sergey Kolesov aka Peleng. I'm a visual artist, and also a chief on this sinking ship. I'm glad to see you joining the crew. Lets see how deep is this sea.

I'm used to draw daily, and would it be a quick sketch or a refined artwork you'll be the first one to see it here. I have a big number of projects in my mind, which includes digital or traditional art series, music and animations. One of my dreams is to bring together people with different views, attitude and needs and create alive and sharing community full of contradictions as well as bar fights and clear night romance. I hope that you would like to join me in this adventure.

How does it work?
This page is a "payment per artwork or animation" type. It means that you'll be asked to pay only when I will release a refined artwork or any other big project. As a patron (or Patronaut as we agreed earlier) you will be provided with the daily content which is mostly art. Sometimes it can be music, videos of the drawing process or live-streams where we can interact. Most of these updates will go public several days after being published here for you, so you get early access to everything I'm doing. You'll be able to discover what influences my life and therefore what I draw. I'm welcoming you to join us here and stay updated depending on a tier of your choice. Most of my sketches will be related to what is happening currently in the world around us, and once in a while we will gather to run the "input poll" where you can choose the past event you are more interested in, and based on the results of this poll I will create the "output art", which is supposed to sum up the events of your choice and be posted as a payment refined artwork or animation post. However it is a free sail, and thus a place with no rules and the place for any sorts of experiments.


For all the followers: There will be public posts time to time, but majority of work will be available only to Patronauts.

1$ You will be able to track all the drawings and to get them in desktop resolution size. You are welcome to participate in polls. Get access to my "EnterPeleng" server on Discord.
2$ Gain early access to sped-up videos of me drawing. Get access to live-streams where we can discuss things. Access to all the extra content (WIP images, music, other videos, photography, etc.) Get extra-permissions on Discord server.  
10$ Download high resolution (uncompressed and JPG) files of all the finished artworks and sketches. Suitable for printing. Randomly get a postcard or some other small gift from me delivered to you. Also get 25% discount when ordering one of my prints in my INPRNT gallery. Get extra-extra permissions on Discord server.

Join us!

$458 of $3,000 per refined artwork or animation
I will spend way more time on my personal projects which means more interesting content here
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