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About Pen and Panion

We are three computer science students from Germany with a rather ambitious goal that we set us. We want to create a single app that combines all the features you could need for a Pen and Paper campaign. And if this is not enough, we want to add a lot of Quality of Life enhancements, like an integrated name generator, as well.

What features should the app combine:
  • Gameroom: This is the virtual room in which your campaign will be held. This is also the place where you can find all the elements concerning your campaign.
    • Manage: As the gamemaster, you are the head of your virtual space. You can determine who can join your campaign and accept their character before finally adding them to your campaign with just a few clicks.
    • Fights: Add the initiatives with just a few clicks, or let the app generate them for you.
  • Character: This is the entity you, as a player, represent in your campaign. It is, like your character sheet, a record of all the statistics, details, and background information your character has.
    • Pouches: Lists of all items your character has. You can, if you want, even add a capacity system to your bags.
    • Spells: Lists of all spells your character has. You can add your own description or, for popular games, like dnd, import a spell list, and only select the ones you have already learned.
    • Live-Share: The gamemaster has access to your character, so they always have an overview of their party.
  • Worldbuilding: Create, as a gamemaster, your very own world, or import parts, that were written by others, into your creation. And while playing, you can share them with your players, selectively as well as incrementally.
  • Monster compendium: Manage, as gamemaster, the monsters, and the enemies of your world. Create your own monsters or import already existing ones to your list. And then you can fight your players with them and even control their damage and health in one place.
  • Name generator: Not much to tell here. It does what the name says.
  • Messenger: Chat with your whole party, just one of them, or create a group and talk with as many as you like about your campaign.
  • Schedule: Vote together for the date of a new session and, as the gamemaster, choose which one you see the most fitting and effortlessly tell your players about the final time and place.

What we want to do in the future:
Aside from keeping the app up to date, we want to add a tablet app with a customizable interface, so it is easier for the gamemaster as well as the players to keep track of everything. We would also like to implement a slimmed browser version, so you could prepare your sessions from all your devices. In connection with the web interface, we would also like to add a mindmap to simplify the collection and assignment of new ideas even more.

Why do we need Patreon:
One of our central goals is to make our app accessible to everyone. That means that the base app is free. Also, nobody likes ads, so neither the app nor our website contains or will ever contain advertisements. That does not mean we don't have expenses. But on the contrary, there are not insignificant server prices, costs for the domain as well as fees for developer accounts.

We appreciate every single one that wants to help us create a free and ad-less experience for Pen and Paper friends.
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