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About Penguinsbite

Hi!! I'm Penguinsbite. You can call me Pen! I don't know how you got here or what sort of person other than myself would show you the way, but you've just hit a very weird Artist's page. Anyway, you probably wanna know why I have a Patreon!

The answer is reaaaaal simple. I'm an art fiend... I just wanna draw things I like all the time... heck I even wanna draw some things you might like too but unfortunately I have a job to keep and bills to pay and overheads.  

This means I lack both the time and energy to do what I really love doing. Sad right? It wouldn't be too bad if I was working in the creative field but that's also a negative - I wanna be positive though. I'm hoping that the kind people that enjoy and consume my work might be able to give me a little push along. If so, you guys will get to see more fun and exciting works like the ones below:

I'm not asking for a lot and even a little bit helps a bunch. I promise to keep you guys entertained with some little things here and there and for those of you who want to buy something from me - there's perks for you guys to make your spend less! If you join me for the ride... I will be forever grateful. 

$2 of $100 per month

A Sigh of Relief

This goal... is all about working together towards a point I can think 'hey, I can relax on worrying about earning and focus more on making fun content for you guys'.

If I hit a $100 a month, I wont have to worry so much and can get a little relief with paying bills, needing the funds for a new car, hours spent at work... etc.

But I don't want it to seem like I can't treat you guys either! If we achieve this together, *I'll send each of you a little thank you written on the back of  an A6 print of your choice and a letter to go with it. 

*I will need to ask you for your addresses so I can send out the thank yous!
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